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‘I’ve Done Everything’: Jennifer Aniston On Her Sleepwalking Habit & Fighting Insomnia

Aniston advocates that having a nighttime ritual makes a huge difference.

Jennifer Aniston Thinks She Is Ready To Start Dating Again

We might get a new Hollywood couple now!

Jennifer Aniston And David Schwimmer’s Dating Rumors Get A Clarification

“Had a major crush on Jen.”

Jennifer Aniston And David Schwimmer Rumoured To Be Dating Post The Reunion

Both crushing hard on each other!

Jennifer Aniston Was Unaware Of Matthew Perry’s ‘Self Torture’

She didn’t know.

Jennifer Aniston Recalls The Guest Star With ‘An Attitude’ On ‘Friends’

His attitude caused MAJOR problems on the set!

Jennifer Aniston Is In A ‘Peaceful Place’ Right Now: “I Wish We Could Freeze Time”

Therapy gave her a positive mindset!

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