A Mysterious Man Breaks Into Johnny Depp’s Home, Takes A Shower

Another one in 3 months???

The Man took a shower and fixed himself a drink inside Johnny Depp’s Home

On Thursday, Johnny Depp’s home in the Hollywood Hills was invaded by a possibly homeless man. The man was initially spotted near the property by one of Depps’s neighbour who instantly reported it to the police. At the same time one of the members of Depp’s staff continuously contacted authorities reporting a man intruding the actor’s home.

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As the police arrived at Johnny Depp’s home, they found the intruder taking a shower in one of the bathrooms in Depp’s house and refused to come out due to which the policemen had to kick the door open. According to the reports, the intruder also fixed himself a drink from Johnny’s in house bar. The man was then arrested and was charged with felony vandalism as he damaged a door in the house, police said.

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It has happened before

It was not the first time that Johnny Depp’s home situated in the beautiful locality of Hollywood Hills was invaded by a mysterious person. Earlier in January,  the Pirates of the Caribbean star’s house was invaded by a homeless woman. However, before she could have entered the abode, the security alarm got triggered and so she ran. Later she was captured by the police from a place nearby.

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Currently, Johnny Depp is fighting a lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard, which is not going very well for him, as he posted a candid letter on Instagram last year sharing heartbreaking news with his fans that WB has asked the 57 years old actor to walk away from his role in Fantastic Beasts after ex Amber Heard accused him of ‘assault’ and ‘abuse.

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For a long time after that Johnny Depp remained silent on social media. However, he has recently ended his social media silence in order to promote his latest movie ‘City of Lies’. “Thank you to Voletta Wallace and the Poole family for allowing Brad, Forest, myself and the crew to tell this timely and important story. Truth is a rare bird. All the more reason to search for it,” he wrote.

The ‘City Of Lies’ is in theatres now all across the U.S., and it is the story of detective Russell Poole, a Los Angeles Police Department detective trying to solve his biggest case for years, “the murders of The Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur”. Russel teams up with a reporter named Jack Jackson to solve the case, who is determined to know the truth about this case as well.

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