Adele Releases First Single In 5 Years ‘Easy On Me’, Receives Love From Friends

“Didn’t write anything else for six months.”

Adele released her first single in five years on Thursday named “Easy on Me,” an emotional ballad that reflects on how she has grown over the years. The song is a way for the superstar to explain her divorce to her son.

During the chorus, she belts, “Go easy on me, baby. I was still a child. Didn’t get the chance to feel the world around me.” The songstress originally teased “Easy on Me” last week by posting a short black-and-white clip on Twitter

Upon the release of her track, Adele received support from her friends which included Drake, Lil Nas X, among others.

“One of my best friends in the world just dropped a single 😁,” he wrote atop a photo of Adele. “@adele 💖💖💖 WOIIIIIIII”

On Twitter, Lil Nas X posted: “I feel like I’m 15 again.”

“easy on me is so good. it’s so crazy to think the last time adele released new music i was sitting on stan twitter. i feel like i’m 15 again.”

In the long interview with Vogue last week, Adele said the new album is one that she doesn’t envision letting go: “I always say that 21 doesn’t belong to me anymore,” she told the publication. “Everyone else took it into their hearts so much. I’m not letting go of this one. This is my album. I want to share myself with everyone, but I don’t think I’ll ever let this one go.”

She also told Vogue that if 30 was to be classified as a “divorce album” it was more about “me divorcing myself … Just being like, ‘Bitch, fuckin’ hot mess, get your fuckin’ shit together!’” 

Easy on me was the first song Adele wrote for the album and then she “didn’t write anything else for six months after because I was like, ‘OK, well, I’ve said it all.”

The lyrics in the chorus include: “Go easy on me baby / I was still a child / Didn’t get the chance to / Feel the world around me.” 

30 became a medium for Adele to answer big questions about life and her break-up to her son, Angelo, she told Vogue. She also held herself accountable while writing it. “I realized that I was the problem,” she told the magazine. “Cause all the other albums are like, You did this! You did that! F*** you! Why can’t you arrive for me? Then I was like: Oh, shit, I’m the running theme, actually. Maybe it’s me!

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