Amanda Kloots Is Still In Shambles About Nick Cordero’s Death

The grieving mother has her late husband watching over her family.

Amanda Kloots, the 40-year-old “The Talk” host, recently shared her experience dealing with the grief of her late husband Nick Cordero’s passing in 2020. Nick died that year due to severe COVID-19 complications at the age of 41, according to reports.

Talking to People, Kloots, who is the single mother of 2-year-old son Elvis said, “You know how you peel off an onion and it makes you cry? I feel like grief, why it never ends is because we continue going on through life, right? So, if you think about it that’s your grief, that onion.”


“Every time Elvis does something cute and I wish Nick was there to see it, that’s like peeling off a layer and it makes you cry,” she continued. “When Elvis gets married one day, it’ll be another, like, five layers that I’ll peel off,” she added.

“When your person dies, a lot of people will say, ‘Don’t worry. In a year you’re going to be so much better.’ And you are, in a way. But I wish somebody would say “Don’t worry. Grief never ends, and it’s okay,'” she said. “It will always make you cry, because that person will always hold a special place in your heart. It’s not going to go anywhere. You just learn how to grow around that grief,” she went on to say.


How does Amanda Kloots contact her late husband, Nick Cordero?

Even though Amanda Kloots is slowly healing from her grief to her, Nick Cordero has been a guiding light the entire time. “Still to this day I get signs from Nick,” she said. “I ask him directly ‘Send me a sign.’ And then he does,” she added.


She proceeded to give an example of how this works for her. According to her, on a particularly rough day, she asked Nick for a sign and he gave it to her.  “Nick, I really need to sign on what to do here. I’m gonna make it super specific: I want to see the word ‘Believe,'” she told her late husband. After doing this, she let it go and went out to visit a friend with her son. As soon as she was about to leave from there, she caught a glimpse of something in the rearview mirror.

“In her yard right by the garage door is a sign — like a yard sign — and it says, ‘We,’ and then in all capitals the biggest word on the sign: ‘BELIEVE,’ and then ‘that all lives matter,'” she said. “It was a Black Lives Matter sign, but I have a Black Lives Matter sign and mine said ‘Black Lives Matter,'” she continued.


“This was like a unique sign that I’ve actually never seen anywhere else, and literally the second word, in all capitals, is the word ‘BELIEVE’ and then everything else is tiny,” she added. She claimed that Cordero has presented her with the sign. “I did a double take and I was like, ‘Oh my God! Okay. Okay, I hear you!'”

A little bit on her book

Amanda Kloots also dedicated her book titled Live Your Life to the late Nick Cordero. “In writing this book, I’ve felt very invigorated and inspired,” she said. “I’ve felt like Nick has been like right beside me cheering me on the whole time, guiding me through it. There’s something that just feels very right about it,” she added.

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