Caitlyn Jenner Returns On Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 20

Guess who is making a return??

Caitlyn Jenner hasn’t been on Keeping Up With the Kardashians for years

After so many years of not even a single appearance on the famous reality show, Caitlyn Jenner is all set to make her final appearance on Keeping Up With the Kardashians season 20.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Caitlyn Jenner revealed that she will be joining the Kardashian family in the final season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. “Put it this way, I am in the final season,” said Caitlyn. “Over the 10 years I did the show, I really enjoyed doing the show.”

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After 14 years of huge success, Kim Kardashian shared the news in September that season 20 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians will be the end. “After what will be 14 years, 20 seasons, hundreds of episodes and numerous spin-off shows, we are beyond grateful to all of you who’ve watched us for all of these years – through the good times, the bad times, the happiness, the tears, and the many relationships and children. We’ll forever cherish the wonderful memories and countless people we’ve met along the way,” she wrote. And it looks like the end will bring everyone together once again including 71-years-old Caitlyn Jenner.

What does Caitlyn think about KUWTK and its ending?

In further conversation with ET, Caitlyn Jenner also explained how she felt about ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians,’ which she has been a part of for almost a decade. “It really brought my family very close together. We went through a lot together. I think I had probably some of the best conversations with my kids on camera. A lot of times, you know, things happen and as a parent, you’re going, ‘Oh, I better talk to the kid about that,’ and you just don’t do it as quickly. You know, you kind of, it’s uncomfortable, but with the show, you have to talk to them about it, like, right now, and so I think it really brought the family much closer,” she said.

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She also shared how she feels about the shows ending. “It was a great experience, and that’s the only thing, I see the end of the show is,” Jenner reflected. “It’s kind of sad, but all my kids, every one of them, even not just the ones on the show, but all my other children that I have. I couldn’t be more proud.”

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Caitlyn and Kris Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner has not been a part of Keeping Up With the Kardashians since the time she divorced ex-wife Kris Jenner and transformed in 2015. The Kardashian family was in a rift with Caitlyn after they accused her of spreading false accusations surrounding Kris Jenner. In an interview, once Caitlyn has also revealed that her daughter Khloe Kardashian hasn’t spoken to her since the time of her gender transformation. However, she has tried to contact Khloe multiple times.

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Caitlyn Jenner and Kris Jenner were married for 23 years and share two daughters together – Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner. Caitlyn was also involved in taking care of Kris’s kids Kim, Kourtney, Khole, and Rob with ex-husband Robert Kardashian. However, the couple went their separate ways in 2015 due to irreconcilable differences and soon after that Caitlyn Jenner had her gender transformation. According to Caitlyn her identity wasn’t the biggest issue for her divorce from Kris. She said in an interview ” My identity, it was not a big part of us separating, there were so many other bigger issues out there. “

When talked about the personal lives of the Kardashian sisters, which included Scott and Kourtney’s future and the recent split between Kim and Kanye, Caitlyn said, “I love Kim, I love Kanye, I mean we really had a good relationship and I hope the best for both of them, but to find out what is going on, you are going to have to talk to them”

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