10 Absolute Crazy Tom Holland Facts You Definitely Need To Know Today

Tom Holland is an exceptional person!

We have all heard of Hollywood’s sweetheart Tom Holland, and let’s face it, his boyish personality and dry sense of humour is quite charismatic. Tom Holland has already made a name for himself in a very short time while in Hollywood. And not only can he be credited for his acting skills, but the man is packed with many other talents and a strikingly charming persona.


From being a child actor to striking his major role as Spider Man in the Marvel Comics Universe, the 24-year-old actor sure has come a long way. But do you know, there are also so many things about him that are not so well known? Let’s learn a bit or two about our beloved Spidey, shall we?

Holland attended the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology

Yes, he is an alumnus. Although Tom Holland has left his high school years far behind now, the actor was a part of the prestigious BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology in Croydon. This is one of the art schools which is free for all to attend and educates its students on music, dance, theatre and performing arts. Now we know where he honed his acting skills from!

The actor also attended the Bronx High School of Science

Tom Holland’s character, Peter Parker, is a high school student who is passionate about science and technology. And it seems like the actor didn’t leave any stone unturned in order to prepare for his role as Parker. He went as far as to secretly attend the Bronx High School of Science in New York and his identity was only known by the teachers and admin staff.

Tom Holland is also skilled in gymnastics

Everyone has been a witness to Tom Holland’s dancing skills after he displayed his moves on the Lip Sync Battle dancing to the beat of Rihanna’s song ‘Umbrella’. But it is also a well-known fact that the Hollywood soft boy is also a talented gymnast. The actor started taking dance and acrobatics lessons before landing his first major role as Billy Elliot in ‘Billy Elliot the Musical’. And his 10 years’ experience has paid off well in his future as well.

He landed his first major acting gig with almost no experience in acting

Tom Holland’s first role was that of the character of Billy Elliot in ‘Billy Elliot the Musical’. However, the actor had no prior experience to acting. The only reason why he got the role in the first place is because he was an experienced gymnast and dancer. Tom Holland has always loved dancing and religiously attended hip-hop and ballet classes as a kid.


The way he found out that he was going to be Spider-Man is unconventional to say the least

Tom Holland, being a minor star didn’t immediately receive the news of getting the part of Spidey first hand. In fact, he waited more than six weeks with no news from the end of the casting director. However, being a child of the 21st century, he had been scrolling through his Instagram like any other kid and that’s when he came across the announcement tweeted from Marvel’s official account that he indeed got casted as Spider-Man. Imagine the look on his face when he found out!


Other than acting, Holland has also shown an affinity towards directing

Although Tom Holland is a relatively new face in Hollywood, the actor has already chalked out how he’s going to go about his life from here on. Other than acting, he has also shown a keen enthusiasm in direction. Holland said that he dreams of getting behind the camera and directing his own films someday, when asked about his career goals.

He is also a family guy

Tom Holland is known to share a very close relationship with his family members. In fact, according to reports, he bought his mother an apartment with the first pay-check he ever got. Previously he used to stay in his family home with his parents and three siblings. He is also known to be a caring and kind elder brother to his three younger brothers.


His parents are quite established in their respective fields

It is said that a creative family brings out a creative child. And this statement couldn’t hold any truer for Holland. His mother is an award-winning photographer, which is a very prestigious achievement and his father, Dominic Holland, is a famous British comedian. Papa Holland is also a broadcaster and an author and has published three novels as well as few memoirs based on his own life. He also hosts his own radio series, titled ‘The Small World Of Dominic Holland.’


Tom Holland has the perfect mentor in MCU!

It is known that Spider Man’s guide and mentor in life is Iron Man. And while the actor has expressed his gratitude and adoration working alongside Robert Downey Jr., his real mentor is actually Chris Hemsworth aka Thor. The duo has worked together before as well prior to Avengers and Spider-Man in the 2015 movie titled ‘In The Heart Of The Sea’. He has been known to give Holland acting and career advice all the time.


And last, but not the least, he is quite reckless on set!

Tom Holland broke his nose while doing a backflip and landing face-first on the set of ‘The Lost City of Z‘. And this is not the first time he broke his nose on set. The second time, the actor was punched in the face by a stuntman on the set of ‘Chaos Walking’. But hold your horses! The actor broke his nose once again while filming Avenger 4, which he also tweeted about.

Tom Holland may be a man of many talents but at the core of his heart, he is humble, grounded, and gives off an aura of playfulness and positivity wherever he goes. And his co-workers and fans adore him for that more than anything else.

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