Billie Eilish Responds To Kanye West’s Demand Of Apologizing To Travis Scott

Ye and Billie are both scheduled headliners at Coachella this year. 

Kanye West has sparked a big controversy after publicly blasting Billie Eilish for a comment she made during one of her concerts last week.

Last week, the “Happier Than Ever” singer, stopped her concert in Atlanta to make sure a fan near the front row was okay, as they were having trouble breathing. “I wait for people to be okay before I keep going,” she said onstage.

However, Kanye West has suggested this was aimed at Travis Scott’s handling of a deadly crush at his Astroworld festival and threatened to boycott their upcoming performance unless Billie Eilish apologized.

For the uninitiated, last year in November, eight people died, which also included a 9-years-old boy, and several were hurt after a crowd surge on the opening night of a music festival in Houston, Texas.

Panic broke out after the crowd began to press towards the front of the stage at rapper Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival. As of late January, nearly 400 lawsuits filed against Scott and Live Nation over the music festival tragedy are being handled as one case representing nearly 2,800 victims.

The Donda singer then posted on Instagram writing: “Please apologise to Trav and to the families of the people who lost their lives.”

He added: “Trav will be with me at Coachella but now I need Billie to apologise before I perform.”

To Kanye’s claims, Billie responded in the comments section saying “never said a thing about Travis. Was just helping a fan.” A footage on social media also appeared of the incident that shows Eilish pausing the concert in Atlanta when she noticed a fan struggling to breathe.

“Do you need an inhaler?” she asked while pointing into the crowd. “Guys, give it some time. Don’t crowd … We’re taking care of our people, hold on. I wait for people to be OK until I keep going.”

Ye and Billie are both scheduled headliners at Coachella this year. 

Ye’s posts quickly went viral, with many fans of the rapper leaving critical comments about Billie and accusing her of starting “drama.” On the other hand, several Instagram users condemned Ye for publicly shaming the young singer, given that she “said nothing” about Travis directly.

The grandparents of the youngest Astroworld victim, Ezra Blount, have also reportedly criticized Kanye over what they call his “hurtful” comments.

“What an idiotic thing to say,” the 9-year-old’s grandfather Bernon told Rolling Stone. Ezra’s grandmother Tericia backs Billie, saying “she is caring for the patrons at her concert”.

“I just think that’s crazy of Kanye to even let that demand [for an apology] come out of his mouth.”

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