3 Characters That Became Memorable Because They Had Aubrey Plaza Headlining Them

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When it comes to naming the 36-year-old actress Aubrey Plaza’s best played character to date, the one role that blurs the others is her portrayal of April Ludgate in Parks and Recreation. While there is no doubt that Plaza exceptional acting prowess breathes a certain forever magic into April, her resume is practically bubbling with movies which have been noted for her iconic roles. 

Here are Aubrey Plaza played movie roles that shined because of her on-screen charisma and acting prowess:

As Tatiana in Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates 

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If you are forced to pick just one thing that Aubrey Plaza exceptionally shines in is delivering witty one-liners and lighting up the silver screen with her comedy. And in Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates, she fits in like a puzzle piece amongst the ensemble cast but proves that the story wouldn’t have been half as engaging if it hadn’t been for her character Tatiana.

In the film, she plays the part of a recently fired cocktail waitress who is foul-mouthed slob but is wickedly genius. Plaza’s ineffable style of comedy is perfectly in sync with her character and the rest of the story that she emerges as the sole star of the film, leaving behind Zac Efron, Anna Kendrick, and Adam DeVine.

As Sarah in About Alex

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It is hard to imagine Aubrey Plaza in roles that don’t make use of her effortless humor and deadpan comic timing. But in About Alex, in the role of Sarah, she proves beyond a single doubt that she is versatile to the point of being downright amazing. IN the film, she completely drops her humorous attributes to play the authoritative yet friendly and warm by-default mother of the group of friends. group. 

About Alex gives Plaza a chance to someone else other than the mean girl in a group and she serves a memorable performance. Though the film as a whole doesn’t really work, it’s Plaza’s Sarah whose unfulfilled dreams and yearnings strike a chord.

As Ingrid in Ingrid Goes West

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Once again Aubrey Plaza goes beyond her comfort zone and plays a character who is starkly different to what she is usually known to play. As Ingrid in Ingrid Goes West, Plaza plays what is perhaps the best role in her career so far. Ingrid is an obsessive young woman who has been put into a psychiatric facility as because of excessive use of Instagram, she had developed a stalker obsession.

But the extended time spent in the facility fails to cure her and the minute she is out, she is glued to her smartphone again and instantly finds the next victim of her obsession– social media star Taylor played by Elizabeth Olsen– and Ingrid worms her way into her life. Plaza manages to portray the character’s sarcastic humor and embrace her jagged edges with a finesse that warrants more than mere praise.

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