7 Facts About The Hadid Family That We Bet You Didn’t Know

#3: The Jenners and Hadids are linked!

Hey you, do you think you’ve heard enough of the Hadid sisters and know all about them? Na-ah!  

Here are seven things we bet you didn’t know about their family:

#1: Yolanda Hadid played a major role in Bella and Gigi’s career path

While Gigi and Bella have a well-established career, let us not forget, beauty runs in their genes. Their mother, Yolanda Hadid used to work as an agency model for Ford where she made connections with certain big names from the industry. In fact, Gigi getting to work with a big franchise like GUESS has a lot to do with her mother’s strong network.

#2: Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid, wait, those weren’t always their names!

Well, Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid have become household names where anyone who is even remotely engaging with pop culture would know of them. But here’s an interesting trivia about them: those aren’t their birth names. The names that now make headlines spin once were totally different! Gigi Hadid was originally named  Jelena Noura Hadid and Bella Hadid was once called Isabella Khair Hadid. 

#3: The Jenners and Hadids are linked! 

Basically, Yolanda Hadid has been long married to David Foster. David was once married to Linda Thompson who was Brandon and Brody Jenner’s mother. Long tour short, they are step-siblings. It’s fascinating when such famous divas are linked in ways that one couldn’t have imagined.

#4: Mohammad Hadid and once-upon-a partner Shiva Safai are 33 years apart 

When in love, age is just a number. What happens when you take this line too seriously? Well! Mohammad Hadid has been known for his involvement in outrageous and instinctive things. An interesting fact about his recently broken up partner, Shiva Safai is that she is 33 years younger than him. Talking about their age difference, Shiva Safai said, “But I don’t feel the age difference at all. I’m an old soul and he’s young at heart.” 

#5: The other two Hadids who shy away from the limelight: Marielle  and Alana Hadid 

There are more than just two Hadids, yes! While the world knows Bella and Gigi Hadid well, only a select few know that their sibling tribe is big and the modern family has more members than we think they do. Born to first wife, Mary Butler, Alana Hadid and Marielle Hadid are half-sisters to Bella and Gigi. Both of them maintain a low profile but are doing very well in their careers making the Hadid family proud! 

#6: Anwar Hadid, the brother who is into science 

Now that you know about Alana Hadid and Marielle Hadid, here’s introducing you to another sibling you probably haven’t heard of. Anwar Hadid is the half-brother to Bella and Gigi. He loves science and is exploring the natural health supplements field more. 

#7: Gigi Hadid: The feminist cook 

Indeed, she is professionally a model who has been working since the age of 2, but her hobbies include cooking. She has once even made an appearance on Masterchef shocking her fans across the globe. Additionally, her feminism is radical and clearly drips through in the various articles she writes on it! 

Wow, the family has so many interesting facts hidden inside their life. Petition to demand a show on their life right away? Yes, please. 

Cover Image Source: Twitter

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