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A Leaked Phone Call Between Taylor Swift And Kanye West Puts An End To A Four-Year-Long Controversy

Drama, Drama, Drama!

This is not the first time that private conversations between the once-upon-a-time couple, Taylor Swift and Kanye West have been leaked online. Four years back, a line from the rapper’s track, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have s** / I made that b**** famous” had infuriated Swift who called him out for the derogatory remarks. An audio call was revealed then that made Swift look like a liar and an audio call has been leaked now that makes West look like one. Drama, Drama, Drama!  

It all started back in 2015 with “Famous” 

In 2016, when the famous rapper Kanye West released his controversial single, “Famous”, some people including Taylor Swift had major issues with its lyrics. Taylor Swift made a public statement revealing that the derogatory lyrics make her feel uncomfortable. 

Quick to her husband’s defense, Kim Kardashian leaked a Snapchat phone call where Swift can be heard consenting to the use of those lyrics. People too were quick to judge and declared that Taylor Swift is a liar and did everything to taint the rapper’s reputation. Taylor Swift had almost disappeared from the public for close to a year; it was a major blow to her personal and professional life. Kim Kardashian kept making remarks on how Swift was the one to begin the bad blood between them and how she just does not think about any of it anymore.

Cut to 2020: We have a fresh phone call leak, only this time, the tables have turned! 

There’s more to it, folks! Looks like Taylor Swift did not lie after all! 

In the recent phone call reveal, we can hear that Kanye West mentions the first line of the rap but the second line, the one where she is being called a b**** is not mentioned. This confirms that Taylor Swift had not consented to the use of those lyrics. 

Both the clips, 2016 and the recent, one disappeared from all social media platforms in a matter of a few minutes, but it was enough for fans to hear and take sides.

Twitter takes sides: #KanyeWestIsOverParty

#KanyeWestIsOverParty is the freshest trending hashtag on Twitter clearly telling us the winds have turned direction and now there are going to be a lot many trolls and allegations against Kanye West. 

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