A ‘Leap Of Faith’: Gigi Hadid Flies On A Trapeze For New V Magazine Cover

‘How about a trapeze story?’

Gigi Hadid is looking forward to 2022. The supermodel, 26, went flying through the sky for an “epic” cover shoot for Magazine. Putting her acrobatic skills to the test, Hadid showcased her fearless side flying on a trapeze shot by famed fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti.

Sharing three Instagram posts of her new cover shoot, Gigi Hadid dressed in sky-high Balenciaga pumps and a belted catsuit, proves she is unstoppable. Hadid swung through the air with her legs hooked around the trapeze bar and her arms stretched out to reach the opposite side.

“Think we all did a lil leap of faith into 2022 … thanks for letting this be mine @vmagazine ! Big love always to @mario_sorrenti and SG for leaping into these crazy concepts with me … and making them more epic than I could’ve imagined xxxx,” Hadid wrote on Instagram.

“Gratitude to my new friends at @tsnynewyork for your time and expertise! Had the best time,” she added.

Interestingly, Gigi Hadid was the one who suggested shooting the cover on the trapeze. 

“I was on the way home from work at Pier 59, where I work a lot, and I always drive past this trapeze school that’s at the top of a building and think, “I want to go there one day.” And sometimes this job is an opportunity to try new things, and to inspire people to try new things,’ Gigi said during her interview with her manager, Luiz Mattos.

Gigi also asked the story collaborators what he thought when he learned that she “wanted to fly on the trapeze besides, Gigi’s insane.”

He recalled thinking, “Oh my God, can she do it? It’s so dangerous. Then I thought, Well, she’s pretty badass, and she killed it when we did the jet ski, so let’s try it.”

Divulging more details about the shoot, Hadid’s modelling agent Luiz Mattos, revealed his conversation with the “fearless” model after creative director Stephen Gan contacted Mattos for the cover issue.

“For the shoot, Stephen [Gan] contacted me—we were talking about doing something with you [Hadid] again. And I talked to you about doing a cover with V, and you were like ‘Oh, I love that.’ And then you were like, ‘Let’s do something different.’ You always have the most amazing ideas and you were just like, ‘How about a trapeze story?’ You’re fearless. When you’re shooting, you go above and beyond. Anything can be happening in your world, but your work ethic is just phenomenal,” Mattos said about his represented model.

On personal front, Gigi Hadid welcomed the New Year with a perfect holiday away from the hustle of city life.

She rang in 2022 with an ideal vacay ‘in the wild’ with her daughter baby Khai and dropped glimpse from her low-key New Year celebrations as she wished fans on social media.

Taking to the Instagram, Gigi wrote “Wishing you all the Happiest New Year. Sending blessings & love, near & far.” The series of pictures taken at the Hadids farm, included snaps of baby Khai helping her mum in the woods. In another picture, Gigi, 26, could be seen making delicious pizza and enjoying spending quality time with her daughter.

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