Adele On Weight Loss, Divorce, And Her New Life With Boyfriend Rich Paul

Rich Paul “was always there.”

Adele has made her grand return with two historic Vogue covers showcasing the singer’s new life after her epic weight loss. 

For the first time in Vogue‘s over-100 years running, she will cover both American Vogue and British Vogue for November 2021. The songstress has given her first interviews in five years, breaking the silence on her new album, new look, new boyfriend Rich Paul, and more.

It was the Year of Anxiety that led Adele to hit the gym that in turn helped her weight loss.

Speaking about it she said that the gym “became my time. I realized that when I was working out, I didn’t have any anxiety. It was never about losing weight. I thought, If I can make my body physically strong, and I can feel that and see that, then maybe one day I can make my emotions and my mind physically strong.” 

The goal wasn’t weight loss confirmed her trainer. “It was getting stronger, physically and mentally. She got really turned on to movement, and especially strength training. So turned on that she started doing double sessions.”

Adele also opened up about putting herself first when she decided to divorce Simon Konecki.

“I was just going through the motions and I wasn’t happy,” she told Vogue. “Neither of us did anything wrong. Neither of us hurt each other or anything like that. It was just: I want my son to see me really love, and be loved. It’s really important to me. (Adele shares 9-year-old Angelo with the charity magnate, whom she started dating in 2011.) I’ve been on my journey to find my true happiness ever since.”

The British singer, 33, spoke about her separation from Konecki, 47, to whom she was married for about a year.

She and Konecki kept their split “to ourselves for a very long time. We had to take our time because there was a child involved,” she told Giles Hattersley in British Vogue. “I’d trust him with my life. I definitely chose the perfect person to have my child with. That – after making a lot of knee-jerk reactions — is one of my proudest things I’ve ever done.”

Adele explained that the former couple shares custody of their son and lives near each other. They often host family movie nights. 

Elaborating on her divorce, Adele said, “If I can reach the reason why I left, which was the pursuit of my own happiness, even though it made Angelo really unhappy — if I can find that happiness and he sees me in that happiness, then maybe I’ll be able to forgive myself for it.”

“He said to my face, Can you see me? And I was like, Uh, yeah. And he was like, Cause I can’t see you. Well, my whole life fell apart in that moment. He knew I wasn’t there,” she added about a particularly heart-wrenching moment with Angelo. “That’s when I started sharing with him.”

Part of the healing process for Adele was attending therapy and meeting with a professional.

Adele is now in a happy relationship with sports agent Rich Paul. But she revealed that she had “sky-high” expectations when it came to meeting new people following her divorce.

For Adele, Rich Paul “was always there, she just “didn’t see him.” But, just before her dad died, “Rich just incredibly arrived.” She feels safe with Paul—“I don’t feel anxious or nervous or frazzled. It’s quite the opposite. It’s wild. I’m a 33-year-old divorced mother of a son, who’s actually in charge. The last thing I need is someone who doesn’t know where they’re at, or what they want. I know what I want. And I really know what I don’t want.”

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