Adele’s 7 Stone Weight Loss Is Incredible But She Is ‘Still Self-Conscious About Her Appearance’

“Adele is finding the attention very embarrassing”

Adele’s 7 stone weight loss and her whole new look is pretty much what is reigning the Internet since she posted the now-trending glamorous snap of herself on her 32nd birthday. But as the world is busy lauding her transformation and even though she had worked hard to shed those pounds, being in the limelight for the same is something she is finding “embarrassing” and is feeling “incredibly self-conscious”.

“Adele is finding the attention very embarrassing and still cringes when she walks into a room and all eyes are on her,” the insider told the Heat. “She admits that although she may now look the best she ever has, she still gets incredibly self-conscious about her appearance, and sometimes finds it hard to believe that she looks as good as people say she does.”

“She says that she feels anxious whenever she goes out – she’s never been truly comfortable with all of the attention. Her friends are really trying to work hard on persuading her that she’s gorgeous and helping to build up her self-confidence, but it’s going to take a while,” the insider added.

Since she posted her picture, her Instagram feed had been overflowing with compliments from fans and fellow celebrity friends like Chrissy Teigen, Tom Hanks, and more, who are whole-heartedly praising Adele’s 7 stone weight loss. 

But even then, she is still “shocked when she looks in the mirror” but despite all the undivided attention she is a bit uncomfortable with “she’s really enjoying buying so many new clothes and is having a blast trying things on – from skimpy dresses to statement red-carpet creations.” “It’s like she’s making up for lost time, and she’s spent thousands of dollars,” the source shared.

Though, there still lurks in Adele the fear that she will undo all the hard work she invested in achieving her new look. “She’s put in a huge amount of effort to get where she is and has really overhauled her lifestyle, her habits, and her mindset when it comes to food and exercise,” the source explained further. “But the biggest battle is overcoming her anxiety and building her self-esteem. She’s glad to be in LA, where people are more open and understanding about these things, and happy to discuss her personal journey.”

What motivates her to not let her self-esteem crumble is the presence of her friends in the city, “who tell her how proud they are of her and really celebrate the changes she’s made.”

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