All You Need To Know About Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom’s Baby

From the baby’s gender to its due date and name!

Katy Perry is expecting her first baby with fiance Orlando Bloom and her excitement knows no bounds. Not many are as graceful about their pregnancy as Katy Perry has been. The singer also keeps her fans updated as much as possible.

Ever since she announced her pregnancy in March, Perry has been dropping hints about when her baby is due, whether it’s a girl or a boy and more.

Here’s what we know about Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s baby so far!

Is it a girl or a boy?

Much like her pregnancy announcement, Katy Perry revealed the gender of her baby in complete style. She posted an adorable gender reveal video with Orlando covered in pink frosting. Further, she shared a picture of her beau with the caption “It’s a girl”

In subsequent interviews, Katy even joked that her costumes and clothes would go to waste because her daughter would inherit them all!

When is Katy Perry’s baby due?

The Roar singer is unstoppable even as she is in her ninth month. Yes, Perry’s little one is due around August end.

Katy and Orlando gave a vague answer at first, saying their baby is due “in the summer”. But as time passed by, the couple dropped more and more hints.

The biggest one came when Katy shared an update on her upcoming album Smile.

“Due to unavoidable production delays, my album #SMILE will now be released weeks later on 28 August. To make this up to you, starting this Sunday (Aug 2) and until the album drops (or until #Babycat whichever comes first).”

What is Katy Perry’s baby’s name going to be?

While we’re sure the excited parents must have made a list of baby names, we know one which could be under consideration.

Mum-to-be Katy couldn’t stop obsessing over Fleur East’s name when she came on Hits Breakfast Radio in July.

“It’s [the name] actually really beautiful. Legit, it may go on the list. I’m going to text him [Orlando] right now,” she said.

It was in this very chat that Katy also revealed the nickname she’s given her unborn daughter. “I call her Kicky Perry sometimes,” she quipped.

Where will Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom raise their baby?

Bloom recently revealed that the pair is open to moving to Australia after the baby comes.

“I definitely wouldn’t rule Australia out,’ the 43-year-old actor told News Corp. “I’ve always had an affinity for Australia and Australians, having been married to one.” 

Katy Perry’s baby will have a protective brother in Flynn

For the uninitiated, Orlando Bloom was previously married to Miranda Kerr and shares son Flynn with her. Even though Katy Perry’s daughter will be his half-sister, the young boy is beyond thrilled.

“Flynn couldn’t be more excited to be getting a little sister – he’s already got two brothers from Miranda [Kerr]. So although the circumstances are definitely unusual, this is a wonderful time for us,” Bloom said in an interview.

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