Amber Heard Johnny Depp Trial: Heard Testifies She Thought She Was Going To ‘Die’

“In all my relationship to date with Johnny, I hadn’t landed a blow.”

Amber Heard on her second day on the stand in the ongoing defamation trial against Johnny Depp detailed incidents when the actor allegedly assaulted her. Heard alleged she was head-butted and repeatedly punched in the face by Johnny Depp in an attack she believed was going to end in death.

In on the violent altercations, Heard said Depp sounded a like “an animal in pain” as he kept screaming, “‘I f—– hate you, I f—– hate you, I f—– hate you,’ over and over.”

“He was just pummeling me,” she said, describing Depp on top of her in the alleged attack. “I thought: ‘This his is how I die. He’s going to kill me now. He’s going to kill me, and he won’t even have realized it.” 

Heard claimed that following the violent incident, her nose was broken. When Heard was packing to leave, she saw evidence of massive cocaine use by Depp that she somehow hadn’t seen before.

“I found all these empty bags, coke bags, dime bags with white residue on them and in them. They were in books, in the bedside table. There were so many I wondered how I didn’t see it before,” she said. “So I was worried he would die. I was worried that we couldn’t come back from what happened. I was worried that there was just no way to turn this around. There was no going back. Shock.” 

In the meantime, Johhny Depp has denied striking Amber Heard or any other woman during his testimony in the trial.

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Amber Heard said the first time she “landed one” on Johnny Depp in a fight was in defense of her younger sister, Whitney.

The argument was sparked when Heard accused Depp of cheating on him with a woman he’d been with years before, saying she found out he had been to the woman’s home after she and Depp were married.

Depp and Heard were in their Los Angeles penthouse weeks after their dispute in Australia.

“I immediately, like, confronted him about it,” Heard said. “I was … I didn’t care in that moment if he did kill me.”

She told the court she yelled obscenities at Depp and at one point went into a neighboring penthouse, which Depp also owned, to see her sister, who had been staying there.

Heard alleged that Depp followed her there and grabbed at her. She returned to their shared penthouse and onto the top floor with her sister, she said. He threw a can up at them, then “bolted” up the stairs and grabbed the back of her head, Heard said.

“I just remember this brief struggle we had. … Whitney, my sister, all of a sudden put herself in between,” Heard said.

In that moment, Heard said, she feared her sister might fall down the stairs as she saw Depp raise his hand to assault her. “And I swung at him,” Heard said. “In all my relationship to date with Johnny, I hadn’t landed a blow. … For the first time I hit him, like actually hit him square in the face. But he didn’t push my sister down the stairs.”

The ‘Aquaman’ star also alleged that much of her ex-husband’s anger was caused by his belief that she was seeing James Franco, whom she said he “hated”.

Franco starred alongside Heard in Pineapple Express and The Adderall Diaries. That jealousy, she claimed, led an angry Depp to repeatedly question her on a flight from Boston to Los Angeles, in which he allegedly kicked her.

“He just kicked me in the back. I fell on the floor,” she said. “No one said anything. No one did anything. It’s like you could hear a pin drop on that plane.” The court also heard a recording allegedly of Depp on the flight, which Heard said showed him “howling” while suffering from the effects of drug use.

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