Amber Heard Sues Depp For $100 Million; Suffers Loss In Her Own Countersuit

The Johnny Depp And Amber Heard court case saga continues!

Johnny Depp loses his lawsuit against Amber Heard’s countersuit

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been involved in the long-drawn court case against each other owing to his libel case which tried to sue The Sun for using words of defamation against the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor.


However, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s court battles were nowhere near finished.

While Johnny Depp was waiting for his grant for a new libel trial in the UK to come into motion, a Virginia judge had refused to grant the actor’s wish to throw out the counterclaims made against him by his ex-wife. Depp had hoped to take advantage of the new anti-SLAPP law in the state of Virginia that recently came into motion, and tried to claim that Amber Heard’s story of domestic abuse was a “hoax” through his attorney, Adam Waldman.

Back in 2019, Depp and his attorney had claimed that the pictures of Heard’s swollen face released by her team was a “hoax” and he used the same words again last year when claims of assault were under discussion. Depp’s team had claimed that Heard was lying about being a domestic abuse victim and part of the #MeToo movement. Amber Heard used these allegations as grounds for defamation as well in her case. Therefore now, Depp will have to face the counterclaims if there is a trial later this year.


Amber Heard also suffers some loss in her countersuit against Depp

Although, Depp does succeed in cutting off a part of Amber Heard’s counterlawsuit.

Heard’s defamation lawsuit against Depp  claimed that her ex-husband had utilized social media bots against her, in an attempt to ruin her career, under the Virginia Computer Crimes Act. The “Aquaman” actress also claimed that her ex-husband had made systematic efforts to spoil her career ‘and interfere with endorsements and acting gigs as retaliation for what she has publicly claimed about their troubled marriage’, according to Hollywood Reporter. But this did not come forth as a win for Heard as she lost her bid.


Virginia judge Bruce D. White ruled that Heard ‘can’t pursue a declaratory judgement of being immune over statements in the op/ed” as reported by Hollywood Reporter. The Virginia judge has also ruled that this claim made by Amber Heard imitates her defense to Johnny Depp’s lawsuit and is not worthy of jurisdiction. According to the judge, Heard has not adequately alleged the elements of a cyber-crime, more particularly the use of obscene language.

Even though this has come as a significant win for Johnny Depp, he will continue to face her $100 million claim over the statements that were made by Waldman to media outlets in 2020, according to Hollywood Reporter.

Johnny Depp’s libel case against The Sun

The Sun, a news publishing house had called the actor a ‘wife-beater’ in an article published in 2018. The verdict had also decided in early November 2020, that the allegations made against Depp by The Sun and the fact that he had indeed assaulted his ex-wife Amber Heard, were ‘substantially true’. This ruling came out as a major loss for the 57-year-old actor and lost him two important roles in the upcoming “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Crimes of Grindelwald” sequels respectively, as Warner Bros. decided to fire him.

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