America, Easter 2020 Is Not Going To Be Dull: A list Of All Virtual Easter Services

Happy Easter, y’ll!

When you can’t go to the Easter services, the world is going to make sure that the Easter services come to you! There are no second thoughts on how much technology has helped generations grow, and amid the coronavirus pandemic, it is turning out to be our only savior and support. We’ve witnessed never seen before online concerts and we’re now going to be audience to a one of a kind live streaming Easter service. Oh wait, did we say a live streaming Easter service? Scratch that, there’s a whole list! 

Musical stars bring home the Easter cheer via Virtual Easter Services

Easter is special and its celebration needs to be grand and warm! Mariah Carey and Tyler Perry, the award-winning singers have already recorded a virtual Easter service that will be aired live on ABC13 and on the Lakewood website. Joel Osteen was also involved in this recording and he has urged all the Americans to join in and experience the freshness of the holiday! 

In an interview with the Huston Chronicle, Mariah Carey said, “In a time like this, we set aside our differences and come together for fellowship and hope. We come together to lift each other up during this time of uncertainty, no matter what our views, no matter what our beliefs, no matter what our differences are. And we honor the sacrifice of those who work every day to keep us safe, the heroes on the frontline who make our daily lives possible.” 

Kanye West joins the Rich Wilkerson Jr.’s VOUS Church Easter Service 

The country’s beloved rapper, Kanye West will be the special guest on the virtual Easter service being conducted by the Rich Wilkerson Jr.’s VOUS Church. Father Wilkerson had also officiated his marriage with Kim Kardashian in 2014 so their bond has a long history! You can watch this Easter service online here: Facebook | YouTube | VOUS Website 

He was also scheduled to join Pastor Osteen’s virtual Easter service but because there were more than 100 people in his choir, the rapper decided to cancel in the interest of their safety. 

Pope Francis to Livestream Easter Service 2020!

Every year, Pope Francis’ Sunday Easter service is one of the most loved and attended one. This year, he is going to meet everyone and offer grace via his YouTube channel. He has urged people to join him and #PrayTogether!

You might be thinking that these Easter services online are not going to bring the same joy as they normally should but hey, what is Easter all about? Togetherness, bonding, celebrating grace and raising a toast to the Lord, right? We promise that these services are going to bring you closer to your loved ones. In an interview with Fox News, Pastor Osteen said, “So, it’s just going to be uplifting, encouraging and trying to help people keep the right perspective in these difficult times. But, I think you know it’s about making the most of where we are, believe that none of this is a surprise to God, and, even though there are things that we don’t like, this is what faith is all about. It’s all virtual, but it’s just going to be a very uplifting couple of hours that we can hopefully, you know, keep people in the right perspective and just let them know again that God is still in control.” 

Hope to see you all at one of these Easter services online!

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