Angus Cloud Fanboys Over Jacob Elordi In Hilarious New Tik Tok Video

This is so sweet!

Angus Clouds proves that he is Jacob Elordi’s true friend in a new Tik Tok video

Angus Cloud recently gave a major shout-out to his Euphoria co-star Jacob Elordi in the latest Tik Tok video and we’re legit dying of laughter. Angus Cloud who plays the lovable drug dealer Fez on the show is mortal enemies (well not literally) with Elordi’s character, sociopathic playboy Nate Jacobs.

However, keeping reel life aside, Cloud and Elordi are actually great pals in real life. In the video that he posted, Angus Cloud says, “Walking around, minding my own business as usual.”  “Guess who I run into?” he says while putting up the front cover of Men’s Health magazine on display which features Jacob Elordi flexing his muscles, in the Tik Tok video. “Yo, what’s hanging bro!” continues Angus as he held the issue of the magazine close to the screen of his phone. “Everything good with you, man?” he adds.


He then proceeds to appreciate his friend’s chiseled physique while reading a few lines from the magazine. “You look like you’ve been working out or something. You feel me?” he laughs. “Yeah, ‘Get Back In Shape.’ I heard that,” he added while examining the cover.

“Holler at my brother, Jacob,” he said to his fans. “Good to see you, brother. Ima catch you soon,” he added. However, he seemed to get into a bit of a pickle while recording this impromptu video. “Alright, d*mn, I’m just trying to look at your merchandise. Hella rude,” he says to someone at the end of the video. He then shakes his head before ending the video. Fans totally went “aww!” at this show of support for Jacob Elordi in the Tik Tok video.


What is Elordi up to these days?

As for Jacob Elordi, life after Euphoria Season 2 has been going pretty smooth. Recently, the heartthrob was spotted cozying up to 24-year-old model Bianca Finch, as they were spending a day out in Los Angeles, according to Daily Mail.


Elordi, who is known for keeping his love life private, was spotted clicking pictures of the model in the public area. They were joined in their little outing by Jacob’s golden retriever Layla and another puppy. The pair seemed to be enjoying the day out a lot in each other’s company.

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