Anna Faris Says That She Felt “Competitive” With Chris Pratt

“I don’t think we did a great job of eliminating competitiveness”

On her podcast, Anna Farris discussed her marriage with Chris Pratt and said that she felt competitive. In the latest episode of Anna Faris Is Unqualified, she discussed this issue in her marriage with Gwyneth Paltrow. She said that both her marriages didn’t work out because of competitiveness and she never wanted to reveal that she was a vulnerable person.

“My two other marriages were with actors and I don’t think we did a great job of eliminating competitiveness,” the MOM actress said. “Or at least I didn’t, being a proud person, and not wanting to reveal vulnerability.”

“Any hint of competitiveness and comparison, I didn’t handle that very well, I don’t think,” she continued. “And I hope I’ve grown from that.”

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Anna Faris And Chris Pratt’s Relationship

Anna Faris was married to Chris Pratt for 8 years. The couple split in 2017 and share a son together, Jack, 8-years-old. Before Pratt, she was married to Ben Indra from 2004 to 2008. At the time of the split, Anna Faris and Chris Pratt were working well in their careers. Faris was the showrunner of the fifth season of the show Mom and Pratt’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. just got released. In the following year, Chris Pratt also grabbed the lead role in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

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Faris wanted to remain “respectful” of their relationship since the split as they co-parent. She had said, “We are so good and respectful towards each other, and I think that there is so much kindness and love. It is very difficult to be completely separate from somebody you have spent so much emotional investment with.”

Anna Faris has even sent a gift to Chris Pratt and his current wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, on the birth of their daughter, Layla in August. A source said at the time: “Anna congratulated them and sent a gift. They are on good terms and have a nice relationship. She’s happy for Jack to be a big brother and is very supportive.”

Who is Michael Barrett?

Currently, the actress is engaged to Michael Barrett. Michael is an American cinematographer and is known for his work in Ted. The duo met in 2018 on the set of Overboard.

“Can you officiate a wedding? I would love it if you auditioned. If you came in and read,” Faris told to James Corden during his The Late Late Show with James Corden at the time. “I want somebody that’s humorous, that also brings heartfelt sentiment, that doesn’t talk too much about themselves.”

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