Anna Faris Steps Out Newly Engaged; Who Is This Mystery Fiancé?

Anna Faris is all excited for the Big Day!

Anna Faris is widely known for her awkward yet perfect comedic timing. Her squirrel-ish persona and super cute expressions have made her one of the most fun people to watch. And most recently, we were left bittersweet at the news of Anna’s engagement after her public yet amicable split with actor Chris Pratt. 

The ‘Mom’ star has reportedly been engaged for three months now to Cinematographer Michael Barret, but only spilled the beans this late. Not that Anna Faris is entitled to tell us anything, but we were just really invested in where Chris and Anna go after their break up. You’re with us?

She started dating Michael right after the split! 

Anna met Michael on sets of the 1987 rom-com reboot, ‘Overboard’, four months after which she split with Chris Pratt. Anna and Michael, within a month or so, were seen on a date at the Malibu Chili Cookoff and have been together ever since. Thereafter, we’ve seen Anna with a jolt of happiness and energy on multiple occasions, which can only be accredited to this newfound love in her life. And we couldn’t be happier for her!

Chris Pratt is one tough act to follow!

Chris Pratt is one of the most amazing human beings on earth, period. To date someone after you’ve dated such a super-cutie is a tall order. 

But Anna Faris was up for the task, apparently. Since, it hardly took her any time to find another total package. Michael Barrett is not that known amongst the audiences, but behind the camera he’s one hot-shot. He’s been the Director of Photography for major Motion pictures like, TED, TED 2, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Zookeeper. So, he is no outsider to the world of fame and glamour. 

Anna Faris is all excited for the Big Day! 

Even though we first got to know about their engagement through Anna’s ‘Mom’ co-star Allison Janey, Anna has done a better job at keeping us updated since then. In a recent interview with Late show host, James Corden, she opened up about her relationship and what she expects out of the big day. And none of it was without her trademark sense of humour. She joked about being her own officiant since she is registered to marry, and needs the attention too.

Watching our favourite comedy star, full of real happiness in her own life, brings immense joy to fans all around. We wish Michael and Anna all the best for their future married life!   

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