Ant Anstead Left Everything At Christina Haack’s Home After Divorce

“I’m going to get all this stuff because nine months ago, I packed my clothes and I left”

British TV host Ant Anstead talks about his sudden moving out with son Hudson from ex Christina Haack’s home. The pair split up in September last year and Anstead moved into a small rental apartment. Recently, he purchased a home for himself in Laguna Beach, California. Talking with PEOPLE the star revealed why he left Haack’s home quickly and didn’t take much of his belongings.

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When my divorce went through, I packed up my clothes and moved. I walked away completely and left everything there,” Ant Anstead said. “I’ve realized in the last nine months, this sounds ridiculous, but actually the only thing I owned was a couple of wine glasses, plus a cup and a kettle. I’ve spent the last few days realizing, oh my God, I don’t even own plates or knives or forks. I don’t have a bed.”

“So I’ve spent the last few days getting stuff that you don’t realize you need: bottle openers and tin openers and spatulas. So I’m scratching my head going, oh my god, this is overwhelming. I’m going to get all this stuff because nine months ago, I packed my clothes and I left.”

Ant Anstead found the house of his dreams after split with Christina Haack

Ant Anstead has 3 children, son Hudson, 1-year-old with Christina Haack, son Archie 14-year old and daughter, Amelie 17-year-old with his first wife. Christina Haack also has a son, Brayden 5-year-old, and a daughter, Taylor 10-year-old, with her first husband. This joint family was enjoying their stay in Newport Beach, Calif which the host bought with the designer before the split.

He also admitted that he feels lucky to have a fresh start as everything happens for a reason. “It’s amazing,” he says. “I’m in this kind of real space where I don’t have any stuff. So everything is new. I’m not carrying anything over.” The 41-year-old also told, “It’s the house of my dreams. A home is, for me, the foundation of a life, and I’ve got so much coming up in the next few months, the next few years, that I need a solid base, and the timing of it all is just so perfect.”

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“I was looking for a house quite quickly [after the split], probably after three or four months, because I felt displaced, I felt homeless,” Ant Anstead admitted after parting ways with Christina Haack. “But for whatever reason, it just didn’t work. And I think now, looking back with the benefit of the last nine or 10 months, I’ve realized that actually, being held in that really simple space, not only does has it meant I’ve ended up with the house of my dreams, but it’s actually meant that I simplified my life.”

He continued, “I’ve realized how little I need, and what’s important. I don’t need anything but Hudson and my health. All of a sudden, I just had this overwhelming sense of gratitude.”

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