Ariana Grande Documentary Review: A Rare Experience Even If It’s Through A Screen

It’s a treat!

The year 2020 put a stopper on all events and that included pre-scheduled concert events especially those of Ariana Grande. After all, a live event often lets a person gloss over any other issues– maybe the songs weren’t good, the choreography wasn’t up to par, etc– as they get caught up in the crazy vibes in the air. But getting to see the “Love Me Harder” singer perform in her recently released “documentary,” Ariana Grande: Excuse Me, I Love You  is not only a rare opportunity but also magical as even though it’s through a screen, there is nothing that subtracts from the striking experience it ends up being. 

Let’s start by clarifying that though Ariana Grande: Excuse Me, I Love You has been touted as a documentary, it is even less of it than the recently released Shawn Mendes’ documentary Wonder. With a 1 hour 47 minutes run-time, it is basically a recorded version of her live events, with a little peek into what happens behind the camera. But hey! We are so not complaining, not everyone could have gotten their hands on the pricey yet fast-selling tickets to her live-concerts and thus this version, that is perfect from the beginning to the end, is more than welcome. 

While it’s a popular view amongst Arian Grande’s fans that she is born to sing and make music, watching her sing and perform in Excuse Me, I Love You makes it an unshakeable fact. Some may complain that it lacks any real elements, but seeing the repo between Ariana and her teammates, to feel that warmth even off stage is a unique thing that is hardly visible elsewhere.

When the story is about someone who has spent the better part of her life on the stage, this documentary’s focus on her stage performances is understandable but well not accusable. 

Sooner or later, fans of Grande would have gotten access to her songs and a recorded version of her stage shows, but what they won’t have access to in Ariana Grande: Excuse Me, I Love You is how she became the star she is today. The documentary touches upon it slightly, by showing how Grande is a fan of Mariah Carey and she is literally her idol. But that’s the extent of it. There are no flashbacks, no introduction to a young Ariana Grande and her mad love for 90s classics. 

While we are more than happy (beyond ecstatic to be precise) to sing along to her catchy numbers and jump to their groovy beats, we would have appreciated a closer look into her life that would have allowed viewers to know her in ways that transcend our introduction to her as just a singer and an artist. 

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