Arnold Schwarzenegger And Son Joseph Baena Hit The Gym Together

The champion bodybuilder pushes his son to do ‘forced reps’

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his son Joseph Baena had a stimulating workout session together. From the recent post Joseph shared on his Instagram, we understand that his dad pushes him to do tough workouts during their session. 

He funnily captions his post with, “This selfie was taken moments before my dad suggested I do ‘forced reps’ for the rest of the workout. You have to go all out and absolutely NO cheating when you train with him, so you know I’m going to be hurting tomorrow. Overloading on the rows, bench press, pull-downs, etc… thankfully my studly training partner helped me get every last rep. This is another great approach to training and a fantastic way to build size and strength! Try it out with your training partner 💪”

Joseph’s Hollywood debut

Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s son Joseph Baena has finished his first movie, ‘Bully High’ in which he plays a private school student who is the school president. The storyline centers around a Muslim student who is bullied for wearing a hijab. A week ago he took to Instagram and wrote, “Having a great time on the set of “Bully High. Finally, know what it’s like to be a private school kid 😂”.

Joseph Baena, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Mildred Baena’s son was previously a realtor. In one of his Instagram posts, he mentioned, “Super excited to start a new career in residential real estate. Looking forward to growing and learning from my amazing team @aria_properties, but more so looking forward to putting you guys in a new home!”. Baena is also set to appear in an upcoming Sci-fi movie ‘The Chariot’. It also stars John Malkovich, Shane West, and Rosa Salazar. In the movie, Joseph plays Vince, a stud.

Following Arnie’s footsteps

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In February, Baena told Daily Mail about following Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s footsteps as his son. He said, “Acting has always been something that I’ve loved. I’ve just fallen in love with reading scripts, doing monologues, doing scenes. So the passion just keeps growing for it. And, you know, I don’t want to stop, I want to keep going.” He also said, “I’m following my father’s footsteps because I’m doing my own thing”. Adding to that, “I’m pursuing acting because I want to pursue acting. So really the pressure is just from myself”.

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