Arnold Schwarzenegger Celebrates Son Joseph Baena’s Birthday With A Special Tribute

Arnold’s amateur photoshop skills – An Instagram post for Joseph Baena

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s is the most prominent being in the world of fitness and bodybuilding. His youngest son, Joseph Baena turned 23 this month. The young lad who’s referred to as Arnold’s ‘lookalike’ has inherited his father’s dashing looks and interests. Take a look at how he celebrated his birthday. 

Arnold’s amateur photoshop skills – An Instagram post for Joseph Baena 

Arnold Schwarzenegger took the best-dad trophy with his post for Joseph’s birthday. The photo shows a grinning Baena with his fists pumped in the air, playing DJ to a group of background partygoers (courtesy of photoshop). The photo was captioned with the sweetest message Happy birthday @projoe2! (Joseph’s Instagram handle) I love watching your progress with your training, your work, and in every part of your life. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next. I love you! (We love that display of fatherly love and affection!) 

A love triangle – Joseph Baena son of Arnold and Mildred Baena 

Arnold, who was married to ex Maria Shriver for 25 years had four lovely children with her – Katherine (30), Christina (29), Patrick (27) and Christopher (23). Joseph Baena, his youngest son was born out of an affair with Arnold’s former housekeeper – Mildred Baena. Joseph’s birth led to a formal split between Arnold and Maria, but despite the messy family affairs, nothing could deter Arnold from showering the same love on Joseph. In fact, the father-son duo shares a tight-knit bond and spend a lot of their time together. (We can’t get enough of the love!) 

Post birthday bike rides – Arnold and Joseph Baena spotted biking! 

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Just a day after Joseph’s birthday, the father-son duo was spotted bike riding with a common friend around the pleasant streets of Santa Monica. Arnold was seen sporting an all-blue ensemble that highlighted his muscular physique. Joseph wore a black t-shirt with a pair of white shorts and aviators. Both were snapped wearing masks and taking the necessary precautions (a much-needed measure against the deadly covid-19 pandemic). This is not the first time that Arnold and Joseph spent time outdoors, as the paparazzi has snapped the two riding around the quaint lanes of California and other cities. 

We don’t know how Joseph spent his birthday amidst the pandemic, but we surely know the fitness enthusiast freak had a ball as he thanked his family, friends and fans for the birthday wishes! If you think that Joseph Baena and Arnold Schwarzenegger give serious father-son goals, we agree with you. (Stereotypical masculinity is out for a toss!) 

Cover Image Source: Instagram

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