Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son, Joseph Baena Is Stepping Into 2021 Fitter Than Most Of Us

Like father like son?

Well, courtesy of the lock down, it is no denying that most of us spent the year in bed cribbing about being unhealthy. But that’s okay. Surviving this miserable year was alone a big deal but stepping into 2021, Joseph Baena has not just survived, he has thrived! Following the footsteps of his father, his gym routine looks like a strenuous one considering his chiseled physique.

”Let’s finish this year strong people!!!,” he wrote beneath a photo he shared on Instagram this Wednesday. Wearing just his gym shorts and a black mask, Baena sported a bare torso with a gold chain around his neck, looking close enough to his Terminator dad as he flexed. He also wore a black smartwatch to complete his gym look.

”Lmk what you’re training on NYE!?” He asked his 299k followers. While many responded to the question, some just complimented his beastly physique.

The 23-year-old has always been dedicated to fitness and his Instagram feed speaks for itself. On Tuesday, Baena had shared a snippet of him working his back muscles, writing, ”Leaving 2020 wide and pumped!” adding five Christmas tree emojis, possibly to draw a parallel between his ripped back and an inverted Xmas tree. Safe to say Joseph Baena will have a better 2021 considering his commitment to fitness. Also because he always makes his dad proud!

In October, on the occasion of Baena’s birthday, Arnold Schwarenegger took to Instagram to wish his son a happy birthday. ”I love watching your progress with your training, your work, and in every part of your life,” he had written in the caption of a hilarious picture of ‘Joe’ posing as a DJ with his arms up. ”I can’t wait to see what’s coming next. I love you!” the 73 year old had added.

Joseph Baena’s birthday comes just about a month after the birthday of Christopher Schwarzenegger, Arnold’s youngest son with ex-wife, Maria Shriver. Arnold, who served as the 38th governor of California had Joesph Baena with his ex-housemaid, Mildred Patricia Baena.

The news of their affair broke out back in 2011 when LA Times spilled the beans. The same year, the actor owed up to his mistakes and despite the turmoil that followed, he has never looked back ever since. Schwarzenegger took full responsibility of his fifth son and the pair share a loving relationship.

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The 73 year old had a heart surgery earlier in October but is now ‘feeling fantastic’ as he surprised the kids from his 30 year old movie, Kindergarten Cop on Yahoo! this Tuesday. The kids, obviously not kids anymore, were elated to welcome him as they discussed their experience while making the movie and their favorite quotes from it.

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