Australian Model Miranda Kerr Shares Her Self-care Secrets To Brighten Up Our Quarantine

Happy Birthday, Miranda Kerr!

Superstar model and entrepreneur Miranda Kerr turns 37 today and stuns us by somehow managing to reverse the aging process and look drop-dead gorgeous. The best part about her is that she’s not just someone who aces ramp walks and brand promotions, but she’s also a fireball of positivity, someone who radiates good vibes. On her birthday, it is only fair to learn some simple yet effective self-care tips from her, after all, we have all the time in the world to practice them now, don’t we? 

Miranda Kerr’s everyday ritual: Skin Care 

Just like aromatherapy is real, trust us, taking care of your skin is more therapeutic than it sounds. Going to sleep knowing that you’re doing everything you can to keep the glow of your skin is one of the most underrated things in the world. Miranda Kerr revealed that because she is a mother of three kids and a model, she hardly gets the time to do anything, but squeezing out ten minutes for her basic skincare routine is her way to tell herself how much self love she has! 

Miranda Kerr believes in the power of dressing up!

Being a model, Miranda Kerr’s life sure revolves around fashion and so take it from a fashionista, dressing up and self-grooming can really help lift up one’s mood. She opened up about how when she’s feeling low, putting on clothes of bright colors always manages to bring a smile to her face. She also gets great joy in revisiting old jewelry pieces that bring back nostalgia. Try it, it’s a lovely practice! 

Love your body, says Miranda Kerr

How? You don’t need to do anything elaborate to treat your body right, just a few things can do the trick. Miranda Kerr for instance always begins her day with a quick dry brush through her body to wake up her cells and get her blood circulation going. It is a great way to energize oneself. 

Additionally, a great secret that Miranda Kerr revealed was that she often puts baking soda and sea salt to her bath water to detoxify her body. Hmm, sounds interesting! 

Miranda Kerr talks about mental health

We all know that self-care is all about mental health. To keep your mind and composed, there are many basic things that you can do. Miranda Kerr practices meditation, writes a gratitude journal and loves reading self-help and positive books.  

Another golden tip given by this wonderful model is that one must try to finish all their tasks and responsibilities in the first half of the day so that they can have their evenings by themselves. It’s very important to make time for ourselves, true! 

Happy Birthday, Miranda Kerr! Hope the team only makes you shine brighter and brighter! 

Cover Image Source: Instagram

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