Azealia Banks Defends Cara Delevingne Against Internet Backlash

She is setting the facts straight!

Azealia Banks, the 30-year-old rapper, has defended model Cara Delevingne against the backlash she has been facing recently over mistreating her friends at the Billboard Music Awards. The incident also involves rapper Megan Thee Stallion whom Cara was attending the awards show with.

What is the situation with the model?

Her series of “crimes” included playing with Megan’s dress during a photoshoot and laying on the floor to take low-quality pictures of Doja Cat, DJ Khaled and Fat Joe and inserting herself abruptly into a conversation between Megan and Doj. A lot of people accused her of fetishizing black women due to her idiosyncratic behavior towards them.


Megan Thee Stallion also went as far as to crop the 29-year-old model from a picture of the BBMAs that she posted on her Instagram. However, it seems like Azealia Banks isn’t having any of this Cara Delevingne bashing.

Azealia banks defends Cara Delevingne from trolls

When a fan reached out to her on Twitter regarding the entire situation, she quickly jumped to the Paper Town star’s defense.

“Cara doesn’t have an obsession with black women. It’s that upper crust English society full of fake white and jealous white h**s who were never as charismatic as she is that made fake friendships, tried sabotaging her every which way she moved and the intense jealousy. Of her older and extremely plain looking sister poppy that always made Cara feel sad and lonely. Poppy would always say mad back handed slick s**t and tell Cara’s business to people in the industry and I always remember Cara literally traveling the world completely alone 4 years,” she wrote.

“Lots of English society/media took advantage of that and there were plenty of times I would just hide Cara in my apartment for days at a time to make sure she got some deep sleep and some actual food and wasn’t just thrown out amongst the wolves like that. Everyone always wanted to use Cara for what they could get from her, and luckily for her – none of them got anything substantial. deep down I could tell she was (like me) so used to being told ur a bad person that she began to believe those things about herself and go out of her. Way to please people who saw her as an easy route to some fashion/British society clout… all of which they fumbled in the grand scheme of things. Cara and I just did normal stuff like dress up like mermaids, smoke spliffs and take naps. That’s my girl thru and thru,” she added.

Why did the rapper choose to stand up for her?

Cheers to Azealia Banks for standing up for her friend Cara Delevingne. When another fan asked her why she chose to defend a white person being a black woman, she replied, “Cara Delevingne is literally the least racist white woman I know. She was clearly fangirling over doja who looked great in Schiaparelli btw, and trying to help Meg work that small train from in between her a** c***k. Totally weird smear campaign happening with Cara rn.”


“Chill out on Cara. She’s seen some s**t, I’ve seen her see some s**t, she’s been in the industry since a teenager…. Lots and lots of crazy/damaging and unforgettable things happen to young girls in entertainment,” she added.

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