Bella Hadid Heads Out On A Private Jet To Ring In New Year’s Eve

Looking forward to a stunning view of the St. Barts’ waters and sky.

Fireworks, good food, and wine on your rooftop for New Year’s Eve are so passé. Ringing in 2021 most stylishly by taking to the skies is the new trend set by supermodel Bella Hadid.

Taking a flight to an undisclosed location, amid the pandemic, for New Year’s eve, Bella Hadid shared an Instagram Story on Thursday, sitting in her private jet. The 24-year-old diva made sure that her festive journey goes on smoothly, with the jet stocked with celebratory provisions for her flight.

Taking to the Instagram story, Bella posted a snap of a table spread out with various fruits and bottles of booze while sharing a selfie seated on the plane. With her cherry-red dyed hair pulled into two small half-up pigtails, Bella matched her hair color with a rust-colored graphic T-shirt under a geometric printed wool coat, flashing a cheeky smile.

Bella Hadid
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In all likelihood, the starlet is heading to the sunny Caribbean island of St. Barts, where she brought in the last year with her glamorous entourage of friends.

St. Barts appears to be THE place these days, with celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, Sir Paul McCartney, Sofia Richie, Amy Schumer, and Robbie Williams being spotted on the French-speaking haven in recent days.

Bella Hadid’s Private Jet Life

It’s no secret that Bella travels the world pretty much on a daily basis. Take a look at some pictures of the true fashionista’s private jet life.

Last year, Bella ensured she had a birthday to remember as she took her friends for a getaway to mark her special day. Surrounded by colourful balloons, glittery party hats, and feather boas on a private jet, the supermodel marked the milestone in the most glamorous way.

While taking a trip means transporting yourself from one destination to another, that’s not really the case with Bella. The supermodel makes sure her transit time is put to the best use by investing some quality time in self-care.

Not only does Bella like to opt for stylish and comfortable wear, but she also, at times, enjoys relaxing with a face mask on.

Besides hanging out with friends and putting on face masks, nothing can beat the freshness derived from a quick nap. And Bella does exactly that by taking a cheeky little nap occasionally.

Whisking her girlfriend on a private jet to Jamaica in 2017, Bella Hadid posed in front of a private jet right before hopping on board. She thanked company JetLux for the flight, an airline company that often works with celebrities for their exclusive air transport.

Between her self-care, nap, and all the other fun times, Bella loves to drop inspiration-worthy ensembles. While Long-haul dressing can be one of the trickier sartorial conundrums, with fluctuating temperatures, Bella opts for chic yet comfortable ensembles.

The model’s trademark travel style is a monochromatic look, which never fails to impress.

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While we can’t wait to see Bella Hadid’s latest sartorial endeavor, we are looking forward to a stunning slideshow of the St. Barts’ waters and sky.

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