Billie Eilish Talks About The Intimacy Behind Her Latest Photoshoot

The singer nailed the photoshoot like usual.

Billie Eilish revealed the aspect of intimacy behind her latest photoshoot that helped the singer find a sense of peace in her life.

While Billie Eilish recently left her fans’ jaws-dropped on the floor with her photoshoot, which revealed the artist’s new look back in May, she is back looking stunning than ever in another shoot, but with more heart-touching elements.

Billie recently got involved in a photoshoot for the Rolling stone magazine cover and with the help of the female photographer Yana Yatsuk, the 20-year-old singer was able to show an authentic side of her.

“I feel like there’s an intimacy to [the photos],” photographer Yana Yatsuk says. “It’s a little more real to me, a little less perfect. It feels like a boyfriend would have shot it.”

The photographer Yana Yatsuk is renowned for working with famous celebrities like Regina King. The music producer  Teddy Geiger has also captured the members of the band Haim, in her lens. Her easy-going style puts the subject of the photos in a more natural state, which helps them reveal never-seen-before side of themselves.

“I pitched a rough [idea], but [Billie and I] seemed to really align from the beginning,” said the photographer Yana Yatsuk.

The Grammy-award-winning artist, Billie EIlish, was able to work in absolute harmony with Yana, which led them to be able to take up close photos with calm songs playing in the background.

Some of the photos saw Billie Eilish chilling atop the branches of a banyan tree and one of the discarded ideas also involved the singer sitting on a tree swing—sadly, fans did not get to see that happen as the team were unable to arrange for one.

When that idea could not happen, Billie shouted the words, “I love climbing trees!” After which she surprised everyone including Yana, by climbing the banyan tree with no shoes on.

Another obstacle came from a convent building that was turned into a school and when the team arrived their with Billie, a class was going inside.

“We were like, ‘Should we build walls? What should we do?’ ” recalled Yana. The only solution was to tippy-toe their way towards the back of the building to avoid getting unnecessary attention. “Somehow, we figured it out.”

After everything, Yana admitted that Billie Eilish is a genius. “She’s brilliant, and she knows what she wants, but she also has trust, and those two things together are really important,” Yatsuk stated. “And obviously, she’s drop-dead gorgeous — it’s hard to take a bad photo.”

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