Blake Lively Trolls Ryan Reynolds For Not Inviting Her On Set Of ‘Deadpool 2’

“My husband didn’t invite me!”

Blake Lively was recently seen joking with her husband, Ryan Reynolds. The actress wants to know about her invite in an Instagram post that informed about the cameo of Brad Pitt in Deadpool2. Blake lively commented on the Instagram post, “Weird… My husband didn’t invite me to set that day.”

Brad Pitt filmed the cameo in which he played an invisible and a silent character throughout the sequel. It was announced in an Instagram post that Brad Pitt asked only for a coffee cup to do this cameo in the sequel.

The Instagram account wrote in the caption, “Fun Fact: #RyanReynolds had revealed that Hollywood star #Bradpit wanted the actor to bring him a cup of coffee. ‘Deadpool Cameo in 2 ‘. In the sequel to #Deeppool, Pitt surprisingly blinked an eyelid, known as an ally of a meta-superhero called The Vanisher. “

Blake Lively, therefore jokingly, questioned why she wasn’t invited on sets of Deadpool2 when the Brad Pitt’s scene was being shot.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are always seen trolling each other on Instagram.

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Earlier, Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds were seen trolling each other on Valentine’s Day. “My forever valentine for the foreseeable future,” Reynolds posted on Instagram. He also shared a video of Blake Lively in which she was busy enjoying a snow day.

Blake Lively too shared a post on Instagram to wish her husband Ryan Reynolds on Valentine’s day.

She shared a video in which Reynolds served her as a hair colourist during the COVID-19 lockdown. She wrote under the Instagram post, “That time I f*d my hairdresser.”

Blake Lively’s crush on Brad Pitt is quite evident. She said in an interview, “I’ve kissed just three people in my life, other than the stuff that I’ve done for TV or movies. I know that — I’m weird! I hope Brad Pitt doesn’t listen to this . He never wants to marry me! “

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Blake lively married Ryan Reynolds in 2012. The couple shares three daughters together, named James, Inez, and Betty. Ryan Reynolds was earlier married to Scarlett Johansson from the year 2008–2011. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds began dating in the year 2011.

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