Blake Lively’s Postpartum Message To The Fashion Designers: She Couldn’t Find Clothes That “Fit” Her

“I wish I felt as confident then as I do now, a year later looking back”

Blake Lively’s postpartum message for the fashion industry is gaining attention all over the internet. In a series of Instagram stories on Friday, the Gossip Girl actress opened about her physical struggles after her third baby, Betty, who was born in October 2019.

Blake Lively’s Postpartum dress

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The actress shared her difficulties in finding clothes that fitted her for public appearances for various events. She even shared a photo of herself after Betty’s birth on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where the mother of 3 looked gorgeous in a black ruffle dress.

She captioned the photo, “I put together a @lavinoffical shirt and dress from @netaporter to make this pretty outfit. Because no one had samples that fit me after giving birth. And so many clothes from stores didn’t fit either. So. Many.”

She opened up about the struggles of women who don’t fit the “brand” size and also told that it felt “alienating and confusing” to be in that body. She even described that she didn’t felt proud of her body and rather she was insecure.

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“It doesn’t send a great message to women when their bodies don’t fit into what brands have to offer. It’s alienating and confusing. And I wish I felt as confident then as I do now, a year later looking back,” she wrote. “That body gave me a baby. And was producing that baby’s entire food supply. What a beautiful miracle. But instead of feeling proud, I felt insecure. Simply because I didn’t fit into clothes. How silly is that in retrospect.”

Blake Lively’s postpartum body positivity story also featured Megababe founder and writer Katie Sturino. She appreciated the efforts of such brands who are making a revolution in the fashion industry.

She wrote, “@katiesturino and others are out there challenging brands to do better, helping women to not feel alone. And she’s making meaningful progress. She reminds me, we can all ask better from the brands we love.”

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During the chat with Fallon, she also talked about her third child and said, “I have so many children! Yeah, it’s a bit of a tough adjustment in our house, but it’s good. I have two other daughters so my oldest is very into the baby, but my middle child not so much, but we’re thinking of keeping her.”

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold share three children – James, 6, Inez, 4, and Betty 16 months old. Both of them have been quite secretive about the third child and we haven’t seen much of her as compared to the other two who had walked the red carpet with their parents before.

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