Blake Shelton And Ariana Grande Are Now Officially Nemesis

This season will be fun!

Blake Shelton says ‘It’s On’ to Ariana Grande

As of this week’s blind auditions of ‘The Voice,’ Blake Shelton has officially changed his nemesis from coach Kelly Clarkson to Ariana Grande. Blake and Ari have been in a fun war since last week after some rumors began that the ‘Positions’ singer might replace Blake permanently from the show. However, it was all fun and game between the two until this week when Ariana stabbed the country singer in the back during the time he needed her to support the most.

This week, during the third night of Blind Auditions on Tuesday, Blake Shelton had a strategy planned to get all of the support from Ariana Grande’s fans. He supported the young singer rather than other coaches including John Legend and Kelly Clarkson. When contestant Raquel Trinidad sang Stevie Wonder’s “I Wish,” Kelly, John, and Ariana turned their chairs as they seemed desperate to get this member in their team. And guess whom did Shelton support? Without any doubt, it was his “Grande-daughter.” He said, “I can have an unbiased opinion here and help you choose Ariana as your coach,” he continued. “I don’t want to see you end up with two coaches that are jaded, that have been here for a while and proven season after season that they can’t win.” 

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Well, this was not the first time or the last time this happened on the blind auditions this week.

When a 13-year-old young Hailey Mia performed boldly on “you broke me first,” Blake again knew what to say to her. “You are in the position to be the youngest person to win ‘The Voice’ … The other first would be if you won this with Ariana,” he told Hailey. However, by this time, the ‘Side-By-Side’ singer understood what’s going on in that strategic mind of Blake. “I see what’s happening and I’m flattered. But I’m not dumb. I’m not falling for it,” Grande said.

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The real fun began when it all came down to support Blake Shelton and Ariana Grande did exactly the opposite of that.

While Blake and Kelly were fighting hard to bring singer Jeremy Rosado into their teams, the country singer asked Ari for her support, but what happened next made Blake not very thrilled. “You have so many really special parts of your voice. And I think Kelly might be able to help you,” Ariana told Jeremy. “I do think Kelly might be the right fit in this case,” telling Blake, “I’m sorry.”

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Blake felt betrayed by the 28-year-old superstar after supporting her throughout the day. “It’s on now” he said looking at the cameras “I can’t believe Ariana just did that. That’s a slap in the face. The friendship is over.” And well, when blake’s going down, how can Kelly not have fun. “That was sisters before misters right there,” Kelly celebrated, thanking Ariana for her help. “That’s what I’m talking about.”

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Later when Grande was giving her own testimonials and talking about her bold move to betray the fellow coach she said, “I know Blake is mad at me, but I knew he wasn’t my ally. He thinks I don’t see right through him, but I do.” Suddenly the ‘God’s Country’ singer interrupted Ariana and said,  “You stabbed me in the back,” he teased. “I was right there on the edge of the cliff, and you pushed me off.” Well, this was all about the third blind auditions of ‘The Voice’ and seems like there is a lot more to come in the future.

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