Blake Shelton Texts Ariana Grande On Rumors Related To The Voice

Is It true?

Will Blake Shelton get replaced by Ariana Grande on The Voice?

Rumor has it that Blake Shelton, the only left original host of The Voice, might permanently get replaced by the show’s newbie Ariana Grande. For some time, these rumors have taken over the internet by storm, and seems like Blake has got the news and took some action for it. In a series of photo dumb posted by the ‘POV’ singer on September 24, the last slides show a text message from the country singer. In the message, Blake sent a news link to Ari with the headline that said “Producers at ‘The Voice’ May Replace Blake Shelton After Ariana Grande Brings a ‘Fresh’ Energy.”

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The message didn’t end here, another one followed the news link, which said, “Thanks a lot Ari… Thanks a f****n’ lot.” However, these texts were all about jokes and teasing each other, which Ariana made sure to show by sending a heart to both the texts of her ‘The Voice’ co-host. Blake Shelton is hosting ‘The Voice’ since the very first season of the show which premiered in 2011. The singer has worked with various co-hosts as they kept changing over the years. However, the ‘Positions’ singer is hosting her first season this year.

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Blake has previously talked about having Ariana on the show, which will bring a new competitor for him. “I’m tired of beating John every season — and Nick,” he said. “The easiest defeat of my career was Nick Jonas. So I’m looking for a challenge. I think Ariana could be a challenge. I’m looking forward to beating her though” he added. Well, it was not just Blake Shelton who was excited for the newest host of their team to join ‘The Voice,’ but there was someone else too, who was way too excited for it to happen. It’s Chrissy Teigen.

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John Legend serves as yet another host on ‘The Voice’ along with Blake Shelton. Ariana Grande and Kelly Clarkson. John’s wife, Chrissy Teigenm told her fans that her husband finds himself in an awkward position while working with Grande on the sets of their show because Teigen and her kids are the biggest Ariana fans ever. “John absolutely knows that this house only listens to Ariana Grande,” Teigen wrote. “Imagine how awkward it is for John to live in this Ariana Grande household…and have to be him.” Well, we all might agree with the ex-supermodel about the fact that these days our households are also ruled by ‘7 Rings’ creator.

Well about this young newly married singer, looks like she has been enjoying her ‘The Voice’ days as she recently posted a picture with her co-hosts and captioned it, “that’s a wrap on week one. I ….. love this show and these souls and I…. just can’t wait for it all.”

Talking about her time on the show, Ariana told E! News recently, that it’s been harder than she thought. “You watch it on TV and you think you know, ‘OK, I’m going get in there and it’s going to be easy whatever,'” she said. “But it’s so hard. [The other coaches] are so seasoned and so great at it.” Well, hr fans think that she is doing a great job.

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