Bobby Brown On His Anxiety While Marrying Whitney Houston

Alicia Etheredge-Brown calmed his fears!

Bobby Brown, the 53-year-old singer talked about how he was “scared to death” to marry Whitney Houston 30 years ago. He also revealed how his current wife comforted him during that moment. Discussing his marriage to the legendary singer in his upcoming A&E documentary, “Biography: Bobby Brown,” he recalled moments from this period of his life.


“My friend was talking to his fiancé and had mentioned that Bob didn’t want to come out of the bathroom,” said Etheredge-Brown speaking about her current partner’s marriage to Houston. She also added that they went to check up on him after discovering he got “the jitters.” 

How did Bobby Brown’s friends help him soothe his anxieties before his wedding to Whitney Houston?

Entertainment Weekly who was reporting this said that Brown said he was intoxicated in the bathroom and being his “stubborn little self.” But according to him, it was way more intense than that.  “I was in there drinking… smoking… sniffing,” Brown said according to EW. However, his now-wife took matters into her own hands.


“Bobby, it’s Alicia. Listen, you gotta get out of this bathroom now,” Etheredge-Brown said in the clip. When Bobby Brown confided in his friends that he was scared about whether Whitney Houston loved him or not, she soothed him. Only after that, did Brown come to his senses. “This was something that just stuck with me,” he said in the clip.

Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston officially wed on July 18 of that year.

A little bit on his documentary

According to reports, a two-night event that aired on Monday, May 30, and Tuesday, May 31st premiered Biography: Bobby Brown gave fans a close-up look at the musician and dancer’s career, his journey towards stardom, his issues with substance abuse and the tragic death of his former wife and two children.


Following this premiere, A&E is all set to broadcast the first episode of the new 12-episode series Bobby Brown: Every Little Step which will give the audience an exclusive look at Brown’s present-day life with his family as he shifts his focus to new business ventures as well as a new 2022 tour with New Edition.

A little bit on his current relationship with Etheredge-Brown

Brown married Alicia Etheredge-Brown in 2021 after becoming friends with her in the 1980s. They got into a relationship after he divorced Houston, finally marrying in 2012.  They share three children: Cassius, 13, Bodhi, 6, and Hendrix, 5. 

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