Brad Pitt Oscars 2021: Best Moments Of The Star From The Awards

Brad Pitt spares no moment to crack up his fans!

Unconventional but true! Brad Pitt was one of the presenters at Oscars this year. On Sunday, he presented the award for Best Supporting Actress category and had some incredible moments at the Oscars 2021. It truly goes without saying that The Troy actor is always a delight to watch. 

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Listed below are some of Brad Pitt’s incredible moments at Oscars 2021-

Yuh- Jung Youn called out Brad Pitt after winning Oscar for Best Supporting Actress

Yuh- Jung Youn won the award as the Best Supporting Actress for the movie “Minari.” For those who don’t know, Brad Pitt was an executive producer on Minari. When Yuh- Jung Youn went to the stage to receive the award she playfully teased Brad Pitt for not coming to Tulsa during the shoot of the movie. She said, “Very nice to finally meet you. Where were you when we were filming in Tulsa.” 

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The 73 year old actress even joked about Brad Pitt mispronouncing her name. With a hint of sarcasm she said, “Most European call me Yuh- Young and some of them call me Yo- Jung. But tonight, you are all forgiven.”

Their banter became one of the highlights of Oscars 2021.

Amanda Seyfried was delighted by the fact that Brad Pitt pronounced her name right

Amanda Seyfried who was one of the nominees for the Best Supporting Actress category was truly grateful to Brad Pitt for pronouncing her name correctly. She even took to social media to express her gratitude to the 57 year old actor.

After the awards, she shared a video of Brad Pitt announcing her name correctly in a latest Instagram video. She captioned it, “correct pronunciation of “Seyfried” by Brad Pitt. Thank you, @theacademy.”

Brad Pitt professed his love for Leonardo DiCaprio yet again while presenting the award at Oscars 2021

Next thing that became the highlight of Oscars 2021 was Brad Pitt expressing his love for his man crush. No extra points for guessing! Yes it is Leonardo Di Caprio.

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Before presenting the award for the Best Supporting Actress, Brad Pitt  gave a brief introduction. He said, “My love of movies began at the local drive-in, watching the likes of Clint Eastwood and Godzilla. Our nominees for Best supporting Actress also fell in love with movies at an early age.”

He continued, “For Amanda Seyfried, it was the film version of Romeo +Juliet– the Leo version.” After completing the statement he added, “Amanda, me too.”

Last year something similar happened at the Oscars. After receiving an award for the ‘Best Supporting actor’ Brad Pitt made a heartfelt tribute to Leonardo Di Caprio. He said, “Leo I’ll ride on your coattails any day, man. The view is fantastic.”

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