Bradley Cooper Gets Praised By Lady Gaga For His Recent Work

A friend in need is a friend indeed

Bradley Cooper’s ex co-star Lady Gaga urges fans to watch his movie

Bradley Cooper is now getting some love and support from his long-time friend, Lady Gaga, after his latest movie, Nightmare Alley, got a rough start on its opening weekend. This Guillermo del Toro directorial piece might not be able to impress the audience by now, but it has sure got some appreciation from ‘The House of Gucci‘ actress. On Sunday, Gaga took to Twitter and suggested her fans go watch his ex-co-star’s amazing work on the big screen this week.

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“Nightmare Alley is an amazing film with an amazing cast, congratulations to @RealGDT, ‘Bradley is spectacular, Cate and Rooney beyond powerful! I loved it so much. Go see it!,” the ‘Million Reasons’ singer wrote in her tweet. This new neo-noir psychological thriller has also got some other impressive stars apart from Bradley like Cate Blanchett, Willem DaFoe, Rooney Mara, Toni Colette, Ron Perlman, Mary Steenburgen, David Strathairn, and Richard Jenkins. The Bradley Cooper’ starter ‘ Nightmare Alley ‘ has been struggling to bring audiences to the big screens since it’s opening this weekend, however, Lady Gaga supporting this Searchlight Pictures production might help it attract the crowds.

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Bradley and Gaga still shares the sweetest bond with each other

It’s been almost three years since Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga co-starred in ‘A Star is Born’ fans of the duo haven’t forgotten their fiery chemistry and their romance rumors. However, these two stars never let those rumors be a reason to ruin a precious friendship bond that they share.

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Recently, the ‘American Horror Story’ star talked to Entertainment Weekly and told them about a special bond that she shares with the ‘Hangover’ star apart from friendship, which is mentorship. Bradley has continued to advise the Hollywood newbie Lady Gaga, after all, the 46-year-old actor has experience in being a mindblowing actor of almost 2 decades. And seems like this mentorship has taken a good turn, as Gaga continues to rock the big screen with her fourth movie, ‘The House of Gucci,’ which was released earlier this year and was one of the top hits of this time.

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Coming back to the romance rumors due to which, the ‘Shallow’ singer also called out the media outlets for taking their character’s love story and misshaping their relationship. However, now, Cooper has finally come forward and addressed those rumors by sharing that their heart-stirring Oscar’s singing performance was just a way to calm his anxiety. Well, after reading this, now the fans might hope to see these two superstars together again on the big screen to give yet another romantic hit.

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