Brian Austin Green And Sharna Burgess Kick Off Their 2021 in Hawaii

Megan Fox responds to her ex’s new relationship.

Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess spent their New Year’s eve on the sunny beaches of Hawaii and we are jealous of this new couple!

The new couple in town, Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess were unexpectedly spotted at LAX on Christmas, flirting with each other as they were all packed and ready to leave Los Angeles. Well, as it turns out their romantic rendezvous turned out to be Hawaii. On 1st January 2021, the couple shared pictures of the amazing time they are having in Hawaii, on their Instagram pages which is a big flex on every couple around the world.

Brian Austin Green posted a cool shirtless pic of himself chilling in the pool of their resort, a picture definitely taken by his dear lover. He flexed his dad-bod filled with artsy tats and the photo does indeed prove that to the 47-year-old actor, age is just a number. Brian captioned the wishing his followers a Happy New Year along with a sweet resolution.

“Happy New Year to everyone!! Let’s all find the connection to love and togetherness again :)”

While the stunning dancer, Sharna Burgess shared with her fans two pics, the first a candid picture taken by her sweetheart Brian Austin Green, of her sitting at a table enjoying the view of the almost vacant resort. She captioned the pic sharing the joy she felt of going on a vacation after a while and also wished her fans a happy and healthy New Year.

“First vacation in a long time, best vacation in a lifetime. Sending you all love. Stay safe and stay healthy. 2021 let’s go.”

The second one is a selfie of herself in a light pink bikini, smiling as she was enjoying the sunny Hawaiian beach. Along with the selfie, she added a long note summarizing her feelings about the year that 2020 was for her and what we all can take from it, as we move into 2021.

“How does one begin to sum up a year that has been equal parts devastating and incredible? I honestly don’t know. The state of the world and the global experience of 2020 aside, I feel like this was the year when many of my lessons truly clicked. When what I have been practising and preaching finally just became what is. I feel more myself, more settled, more focused, more clear than I think I ever have. More connected to me than I ever have. Because of that, I see things coming into my world that I have been manifesting for a long time. I believe that’s because I am finally ready for them. The Universe… she knows. She always has. Im a believer that everything happens for a reason, that everything is a lesson and everything is a choice. Those beliefs become tested when I look at this year from a global perspective and not just personal. Shit I mean… bushfires, pandemics, war, record homelessness, record deaths, locust swarms, Lebanon, Beirut, ….. Kobe. One can only say WTF when looking at this year. While no one can take away the loss, the trauma, the ptsd, and the brutal fact that this year was what it was, we can also observe the silver linings. Out of COVID-19 came creativity. Out of quarantine came bonus time with family. Out of activism came changes for the better. Out of a nation divided, we have seen a greater stride for unity. Silver linings… maybe they can’t fully justify, they can’t reverse and they can’t take away pain, but they can give us something to find gratitude for if that’s what we choose. And this is where that lesson comes in. Everything is a choice. We cannot change what we cannot control, so we must focus on how we act and react to the world around us. I choose to react with kindness, respect, understanding, optimism, positivity, wholehearted gratitude and above all else, love. Love for myself, love for my people, and love for even those who haven’t got it for me… yet ;)” Sharna Burgess also added that “I have no resolution this year other than to move forward with the same intentions, and hopefully inspire some people along the way.”

What was the reaction of Megan Fox on her ex’s newfound love?

Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox filed for a formal divorce back in November, both of them have moved on from each other with Megan Fox being in a happy relationship with rapper, Machine Gun Kelly and Brian with his new love, Sharna Burgess. According to Hollywood Life’s source which claims to be a couple close to the ex-couple, Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox stated that Megan has given her seal of approval to Brian’s new relationship.

“Megan is very happy that Brian appears to be moving on and dating,” adding that the actress is not bothered at all with the new fling “It really does not bother her at all.”

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