Brie Larson Flexes Her Captain Marvel Might In New Workout Video

The Captain Marvel 2 star also gave a nod to Miley Cyrus.

Brie Larson flexed her Captain Marvel strength in a new workout video and we are in awe of the actor’s superhero capabilities.

Captain Marvel is definitely one of the strongest Avengers, with her jaw-dropping powers that put match the feats of other heroes like Hulk and Thor. To step into the shoes of a hero like Captain Marvel, the actor playing the role has a duty to look capable enough to look the part.

Of course, this is best displayed in the sheer dedication that Brie Larson has towards her training.

The upcoming sequel, “The Marvels” star Brie Larson, took to her Instagram to share a workout video of her doing the flexed-arm hang exercise, with added variations that she held for five seconds.

What made her workout even more challenging was the fact that Brie had a weighted chain rested on her thighs to really push her strength to the limits. What aided Brie Larson achieve this herculean feat was none other than Miley Cyrus.

Yup, you read that right, the SNL musical guest Miley Cyrus was the motivation behind Brie Larson’s workout as her song “Midnight Sky”, which was playing in the gym, seemed to have pumped up “The Marvels” star.

Brie Larson captioned her workout video by thanking Miley Cyrus, who brought out the Captain Marvel in her.

“Only @mileycyrus can bring out my superhuman strength needed to complete @risemovement’s workouts.”

This isn’t the first that we’ve seen of Brie Larson sharing her workout videos with her fans, as her Instagram and her Youtube channel is filled with them.

Brie Larson may as well be called a professional Youtuber, as her channel has grown quite a lot. Ever since her first video that she uploaded back in July 2020, the star has gained over half a million subscribers in just eight months.

Brie Larson had also shared the reason behind why she did her own Captain Marvel stunts, as she stated that:

“I just wanted to feel like in the human realm I could accomplish what she was doing in this superhero realm,” she said. “And it helped me inform the character. It didn’t make sense to just stand there and be like, ‘The C.G.I. will take care of this.’”

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