Brie Larson Is Taking The Fans For A Post-Workout Recovery On YouTube

Relax sore muscles with Captain Marvel!

Brie Larson is spilling the secret of her post-workout recovery in her latest YouTube video. The actress is known for her next-level workouts and various fitness accomplishments.

Larson had been seen pushing a 5000-pound car and even held a pull-up for a whole minute. If that’s not a goal for all the fitness enthusiasts out there, then we don’t know what is. She released a post-workout recovery video on her channel, Brie Larson, on April 29 where she talked about the various equipment and techniques that she uses.

In the beginning of the video, Brie Larson also talked about her recovery journey and how she couldn’t stop herself from working out. “If you’ve been injured, you know what I’m talking about. After you experience your body not being able to do something that it was always able to do before, you start to become obsessive in backtracking and wondering what steps could have been taken. Because if you’re going to train hard . . . you need to restore your body,” said the actress.

Brie Larson showed six different stages of her post-workout recovery.

First, she used a Theragun and Hypervolt for tight muscles. She keeps them both at her home and gym. Even if they are expensive, they are very effective. Larson also had three different kinds of rollers, a traditional foam roller, a pressure point roller, and a vibrating roller for deep release. “Where it gets tender, that’s where the knots are,” Larson explains. “I just put as much weight as I can [on the foam roller] to really get up in there.” She especially focused on rolling over her hip flexors, which she said have been “super tight” lately.

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Brie Larson Post-workout stretching techniques

Next, the Marvel star showed another expensive tool, HyperIce Venom leg, to loosen her muscles. This is a tool that wraps around the muscle and vibrates and heats up. Larson also said, “Tegan Nox uses this when she’s like driving to train because it starts stimulating and warming up the system”.

Brie Larson also showed her most inexpensive post-workout strategy. i.e., stretching and yoga. She showed the viewers a bunch of stretching techniques including hamstring stretches, Downward Facing Dog, Upward-Facing Dog, and seated spinal twist.

Also, she did some major stretches for her hip as they felt coiled up like old rubber bands. She performed an Arching three-legged dog, which is done by lifting one leg and bending it at the knee. “I’m doing [this] every chance I can get because my hips are so tight right now,” Larson said. After this, she did a Kneeling quad stretch, “I never want to do this,” she admitted, “but it’s the most effective stretch”. Last but not least Larson opted for a 90/90 for her post-workout recovery.

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Brie Larson’s last post-workout tip was to consume amino acids. “If you’re training, make sure you consume amino acids,” she says. She also pointed out that most people don’t consume much protein and then that affects building their muscles. She also shared another classic tip, which is heat and icing. The Captain Marvel actress told that she takes a hot shower after a workout and ice her sore muscles. She even said that people should research about which to use first so as to see what works for their bodies.

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