Brie Larson Shocks Fans With Latest Adrenaline Fueled Workout Video

She did one-arm pullups!

Brie Larson has yet again shocked her fans with her latest adrenaline-fueled workout video, brimming with Captain Marvel energy.

Marvel actors are known for their great physiques. From Chris Hemsworth, who is in the peak shape of his life for the upcoming “Thor: Love and Thunder” to “The Eternals” star Kumail Nanjiani, who went viral for his wild body transformation, all the actors are acing their impressive physique.

But not all incredible feats of strength have been achieved by men, as the awaited “The Marvels” star Brie Larson has raised the bar for other Marvel stars in her new workout.

Brie Larson took to her Instagram to share a sneak-peek into what her workout looks like. She captioned the post by flexing, “Umm *hi* don’t mind me achieving my one-arm pull-up goal!”

In the video, we see the 31-year-old take a deep breath before proceeding to grab the pull up bar with just one hand. Brie Larson performs not just one but three repetitions of one-arm pull-ups.

Larson’s personal trainer Jason Walsh, hyped her up during the exercise by shouting “get another one! get another one!” When the star finally let go of the bar, she jumps around for celebration, suggesting that it’s her first time reaching this goal.

And it’s not just Brie Larson who is filled with joy in the workout video. The comments section is filled with compliments for the “The Marvels” star. One fan even jokingly commented that “jesus christ i can’t even walk up stairs”.

Last time, we saw Brie Larson holding a flexed-arm pull up in three different levels while the lyrics of a Miley Cyrus song encouraged her in the background for the workout.

The progress from that to her latest one-arm pullup feat proves that the Captain Marvel 2 star has come a long way in just a short span of two weeks. It is sure that the star will be in peak shape while reprising her role of the hero.

The sequel titled “The Marvels”, slated for November 22nd, 2022, will see Brie Larson starring alongside Zawe Ashton, Iman Vellani, and Teyonah Parris.

Check out what Brie Larson’s full Captain Marvel workout looks like below-

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