Brie Larson’s Latest Captain Marvel 2 Training Video Has A 90s Vibe To It

The actress lets fans in on her preparations.

Brie Larson gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at her Captain Marvel 2 physical training.

Brie Larson is bringing back the 90s, along with her biceps, in her latest training video.

The video was shot in the style of a VCR tape from the 90s. Brie Larson’s training appears to have been filmed decades ago, thanks to the shaky clarity, battery meter, and poor hues.

Larson is missing only some sweatbands and a leotard to complete the video’s appearance. She completed a series of decline pushups with a tension band, indicating that she is making good progress toward her fitness goal. Captain Marvel 2 is already in the works, but she’ll need to keep her strength up if she wants to keep performing most of her stunts.

Larson’s VHS retro is appropriate given that her origin story takes place in the 90s. Her muscle tone is great, but she has a long way to go before she reaches the level of Thor actor Chris Hemsworth. Larson is more than capable of living up to her on-screen expectations for Captain Marvel 2 based on her ability to accomplish pushups with a smile on her face.

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Captain Marvel, Marvel’s Phase 3 film, marked the actress’s MCU debut. Brie Larson plays Carol Danvers, an Air Force pilot who transforms into a superhero after being exposed to Tesseract energy by an explosion.

Larson was tasked with directing the first female-led MCU film in Captain Marvel. She returned her part in Avengers: Endgame to continue the struggle against Thanos after the inclusion was deemed a success. Larson was missing for the majority of the film, despite appearing in some of the most significant parts. The character gave a brief explanation in Endgame, and a little more in WandaVision, although the heroine hasn’t had much screen time since her MCU debut. Fortunately, moviegoers will be able to learn more about Larson’s character in the near future, since Marvel Studios has revealed that Captain Marvel 2, aka The Marvels, will be released.

Brie Larson previously shared a video to her Instagram account demonstrating her extensive physical training for her role in The Marvels.

The Oscar winner can be seen in the video going through some gruelling training with a flywheel box. Inertia is used in this training approach to enhance resistance as an athlete exerts themselves harder. Larson is also performing goblet squat exercises while holding a heavy kettlebell. When you put it all together, the Marvel actress is putting herself through a full-body workout that includes both aerobic and weight training. The premise of The Marvels is unknown at this time, but Larson appears to be in excellent form for her role.

Audiences will see what Brie Larson brings to her second solo adventure as Carol Danvers when The Marvels reaches theatres on November 11, 2022.

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