Cardi B Didn’t Like It When A Fan Put Down Offset On Twitter

Anything for love!

Cardi B is madly in love with her husband Offset and that means she would defend him from all the hate & negativity in the world, even if it’s her own fans do the bad-mouthing.

Cardi B earns quite a lot on her own. The ‘WAP’ star (which is just only one of her many Billboard charting hits) is estimated to have a net worth of $24 million wealth mainly earned through album sales and streams. She also has her own clothing line collection called Fashion Nova, as well many multiple other sponsorships. So it is no doubt that she is surely a huge breadwinner for her family.

However, Cardi B puts family first. The 28-year-old rapper recently went up in arms against a fan on Twitter after the fan posted a tweet in which they put down Cardi’s husband Offset for “freeloading” Cardi B’s wealth.

The tweet was posted by an influencer @jiggyjayy2, which went viral, and has been deleted since. It read:

“Cardi “really be keeping the lights on at her and Offset house, she stay working hard and he be…”

To which Cardi B replied, in defense of Offset:

“My man literally perform this mornin for college game day, performing later on again tonight after celebrating the finally of his HBO last night flying in tomorrow to ring the bell Monday on a investment.”

“You must got my n***a confuse wit the n***as you f*****n and maintaining.”

A twitter user managed to capture a screenshot of the now deleted tweet.

A little spoiler: the influencer and Cardi B are on good terms now. The influencer quickly took back her words after Cardi B’s reply to her tweet and wanted to cool it off with her.

“Okay i was being a lil shady to offset cause he a cheater but i was also saying just she really stayed booked in busy, she be everywhere! but she should defend her husband!!! Hope we still cool after this Cardi.”

Cardi B replied to the tweet again and said that “It’s cool” and even asked her out for lunch.

Cardi B has been married to Offset ever since September 2017. They share a 3-year-old daughter named Kulture Kiari Cephus. She is currently pregnant with Offset’s second child.

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