Cardi B Has Finally Won Against Her Long Ongoing Defamation Lawsuit

The rapper and her sister emerge victorious!

Cardi B kicks her defamation lawsuit to the curb at last! The singer and her sister Hennessy Carolina were sued by three people in NYC over a banter in the Hamptons back in September 2020. However, TMZ reported that the ‘Bodak yellow’ singer and her sibling have legally risen up against the lawsuit as winners.


Why did Cardi B and her sister receive a defamation lawsuit?

Apparently, in September 2020, Hennessy and her squad were hanging out at Smith Point Beach when they met three other beach-goers wearing MAGA hats. These people, later on, claimed that Hennessy spit on one of them and humiliated them publicly, even going so far as to threaten them over their political beliefs. The group apparently called these people “racist, MAGA supporters,” and claimed that the term “racist” used against them was quite “defamatory”.


Cardi B who was not present at the scene later tweeted a small clip of the altercation claiming that her sister and her friends were targeted by a bunch of racist and homophobic people (Hennessy and her squad were mostly Afro-Hispanic and gay). The video also showed Hennessy calling the three people racist.

The judge dismissed all the claims made in the lawsuit

However, this situation soon escalated and the rapper and her sister were hit with a defamation lawsuit on the counts of assault and battery. But much to their luck, a New York trial judge recently dismissed the case, setting out a clear win for both the sisters. And as for the defamation part, the judge claimed that everything said in the video by Hennessy’s party was general insults and cannot be held on the same level as defamation.


And as for the assault and battery, well, the judge claimed that even if the spit did shoot out accidentally from Hennessy’s mouth, there was no way to prove she did it with the intention of targeting any of the plaintiffs. The judge also noted that the accusers had never alleged that that was Hennessy’s intent.

What is Cardi B up to these days?

Cardi B’s defamation lawsuit win comes right after her album “Invasion of Privacy” received an RIAA platinum rating for all of its tracks making it the very first album in history to do so. The rapper is definitely having a great week this month! She recently also teased new music with Summer Walker by posting BTS scenes from her music video shoot.

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