Cardi B Witnesses A Yacht Sinking While On Vacation With Offset

What happened in their vacation?

Cardi B shared the moment when she saw a Yacht sinking into the ocean while she was on a vacation with her partner Offset. She took to her Twitter and Instagram Story to share this very scary moment that she witnessed.

Cardi B shared the video of the yacht sinking on her social media

In the video, Cardi B shows us the moment the yacht sank with her commentary in the background. “It’s sinking! A whole motherf- oh my G- it’s sinking!” she exclaimed while watching the incident unfold in front of her om a beachfront villa with a private pool. “Ya’ll see that?”

She also noted that “luckily, no one was in there.” She pondered if there was “a big boat that could save” the yacht, as it sank near a rock. “It’s gone!” she continued. “It’s gone! Bye-byeee! Bye! Oh my God, it’s gone! Oh my God! Aaaaaaaah!”

She took to her Twitter to share the video. “I can’t believe I’m actually watching a yacht sink,” she tweeted.

Offset also shared the footage on his Instagram Story.  “Man that s–t gonna sink,” he told his wife in the video, who responded, “Oh my God, babe, it’s going to sink! Oh my goodness! It’s going down!”


The rapper also noted that the yacht was quite expensive adding, “That s–t’s crazy. Somebody owns that s–t, too…that’s a whole yacht, gone.” Cardi B and Offset had spotted the yacht just as it was about to sink.

She later shared an update on what happened to the yacht by sharing a new video of the site on her Instagram Story. “Update, ya’ll. So there’s a search team looking for the boat. I just saw like, a scuba diver went down there,” she said, chuckling. “That b****h long gone.”

A little bit on their trip

A couple of minutes before the incident took place, they shared videos of the boat floating next to others but inching closer to the rock. The “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker had also taken to Instagram to share pictures from her vacation with Offset. In the pictures, she can be seen donning a multi-colored crochet crop top and shorts, and white stilettos. She paired the look with white frame sunglasses and a yellow handbag. “Body in miu miu ,kitty on meow meow 🐱” she captioned the post.

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