Chelsea Vaughn Responds To Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Apology Over Comment On Her Hair

The Black runway model had shaved her hair due to the discrimination she faced around it.

Chelsea Vaughn has now responded to Kaitlyn Bristowe’s apology over the ignorant comments she made regarding Chelsea’s conversation about the insecurities she has faced with her hair.

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Dancing with the Stars alum Kaitlyn Bristowe had to offer a public apology over Instagram to The Bachelor contestant Chelsea Vaughn following an episode where Chelsea Vaughn opened up about her struggles with her hair because of being a woman of color.

During a group date with Matt James, Chelsea Vaughn started a conversation about the insecurities black women have, especially regarding their hair. A runway model by profession, Chelsea Vaughn rocks a shaved head. She revealed that she took the style decision after struggling with insecurities surrounding her locks.

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“I just think that as women, and especially as Black women, so much of our self-worth is tied to our hair,” the 29-year-old model explained. “And I don’t know if a lot of people realize that or understand that, especially as far as Black women go, and it was just a really big deal to me, so that’s obviously something that I wanted to share with somebody who I am potentially going to end up with.”

Later Kaitlyn Bristowe- a former contestant of the Bachelor Nation, took to her Instagram stories to narrate her own experiences with her hair in an attempt to try to relate to Chelsea Vaughn.

In addition, she took Chelsea Vaughn’s conversation to promote a hair vitamin, which made her come under the fire. People pointed out that Kaitlyn did not realize how Chelsea’s race caused her to face much discrimination over her hairstyle while Kaitlyn Bristowe’s take on it was very inconsiderate.

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Trying to clear the air, Kaitlyn Bristowe later shared another clip of herself watching a video titled “The History of Black Hair.” She explained how she was “humiliated” that she didn’t listen to Chelsea’s full story before talking publicly about it. She even thanked another The Bachelor Nation contestant, Taylor Nolan, for having a conversation with her following the incident.

“Chelsea’s experience is deeply ingrained in Black culture and beauty standards,” Kaitlyn said, “and I have now done so much research into what that looked like for many centuries.” She further wrote, “Shame on me for contributing to making a profit off a Black woman’s struggle.”

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Chelsea Vaughn acknowledged the apology and later wrote on her Instagram story, “I will always appreciate anyone who’s willing to openly listen, learn and take responsibility for their actions. @kaitlynbristowe thank you for your personal and public apology.”

Chelsea Vaughn is still competing on the 25th season of The Bachelor to win the leading man – Matt James’ heart.

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