Chris Brown’s Porsche Got Damaged While Partying With Kylie, Kendall, And Drake

Chris Brown’s Porsche 911 was involved in a standard traffic accident

Chris Brown’s Porsche 911 which is priced at $230,000 was wrecked in a multi car accident

On Friday, Chris Brown’s Porsche 911 worth $230,000 was damaged due to a multi vehicle crash. The accident took place in the valet parking of The Nice Guy, a famous celebrity nightclub in WeHo. It has been reported that Chris Brown was partying with Jenner sisters- Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner, Drake, Justin Bieber with wife Hailey Bieber, and Tyga inside the nightclub when the accident occurred.

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According to TMZ, “Chris Brown was inside The Nice Guy in WeHo around 1 AM Friday when the crazy scene went down outside on the street.”

It was said that a man in a black Honda lost control causing a standard traffic accident due to which several cars got damaged. And Chris Brown’s custom charcoal yellow and white Porsche was among them which got damaged to the front and back.

Describing the accident, TMZ said, “A driver slammed into the back of one of the valet parked vehicles… triggering a domino effect.”

They continued, “As you can see… It was a pretty alarming accident with one guy’s airbag deploying and several whips getting damage, some more than others. Breezy’s charcoal, yellow and white striped Porsche was among them… and appeared to sustain some damage to both the front and the back.”

Chris Brown remained calm after his Porsche 911 was damaged in a multi car crash

When asked about how he feels about this situation Chris Brown remained calm and told TMZ, “It’s all good, I got 10 of these.” The 31 year old R&B singer could have easily made a scene but chose to remain calm.  He exited the location afterwards in his damaged Porsche. Porsche 911 is one of the world’s most popular cars whose design has remained the same for the last fifty years.

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He was expected to lose his calm after the 2018 incident. Back in 2018, he got into an argument with a valet who was over-charging him for his car. He even threatened the guy and said, “I should knock you out but I’m not.” His composure in the situation is truly commendable and shows that he has come a long way. 

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LAPD who conducted an investigation after this major accident told TMZ, “It was a standard accident involving a vehicle slamming into multiple cars.”

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