Chris Evans Is Seriously Mulling Over A Career In…Politics?

From Cap to Poltician?

Up until April 2019, whenever we would see Chris Evans all we found was Steve Rogers a.k.a. Captain America smiling back at us. But then Avengers: Endgame happened and with that one heck of a twist allowed Evans to pass on the shield he had been holding since 2011. And now he is busy exploring- whether it is different roles and characters like 2019’s Knives Out and the miniseries Defending Jacob or attempting a venture into the world of politics…or is he?

Recently, Chris Evans made a virtual appearance on the talk show Real Time with Bill Maher to discuss his brand new launch- a political website, “A Starting Point”, which has been listed as a civic engagement website. Through his website, Evans hopes to help the public in easily understanding current political scenarios and issues, equipping them to make better and informed decisions. 

Though this does not mean that Chris Evans has developed an interest in the world of politics

“It’s not that I’m interested in politics. It’s more I’m trying to help and politics to me seems like this weird broken machine that we’ve all kind of given up on. But the truth is, if we give it a spitshine, this thing might actually work. And that starts with participation and engagement. Again, it’s become such a toxic landscape it breeds this exhaustion. People just can’t be bothered,” he explained. 

Evans finds the current political vibe more about parties competing then reaching an agreement. It was his belief that this competitive way of politics isn’t the right method that prompted Chris Evans to launch “A Starting Point” to help in solving problems, simplifying the complexities of politics enough to make it easier for people to understand, get involved, and not get overwhelmed or confused by the concepts that need their involvement too. 

It is often seen, when an actor starts talking about politics their next step is to dive headfirst into it

But apparently, Chris Evans has no plans of possibly running for office himself.

“I just don’t know enough. That’s another thing we’re scared to say. I just don’t know enough. I wouldn’t disservice or disrespect the position by thinking that I could handle it,” he shared. 

Responding to Evans’ honest admission of not having much idea about politics, Bill Maher reflected upon how people who know “absolutely nothing” become politicians because they treat politics as a job where “they don’t have to know anything.”

But Chris Evans, sticking true to his principles, explained that while his “heart is in the right place”, politics is a world where you might think you are “fixing one thing and the downstream effect is something you could’ve never been aware of.” 

“So I have to think before I dive into that recklessly,” he added.

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