Chris Hemsworth Roasts Himself In A New Funny Workout Video With A Twist

The star did drop a lot of F-bombs in this one.

Chris Hemsworth roasted himself in a new hilarious workout video containing a lot of profanity, and we love him all the more for doing it.

The star of the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder has been working harder than ever to surpass his already beast-like bod. And now Chris Hemsworth has shared a training video with a twist on his Instagram, promoting his fitness app “Centrfit”.

The video stars only the head of Chris Hemsworth….confused? Well, allow us to explain.

The video depicts people working out via the help of the “Centrfit” app and giving their testimonials about it. But with the magic of editing, Chris Hemsworth’s head has been put in place of theirs, and to spice things up, we see him curse a lot.

This new video starts of by showing a girl working out with dumbbells and obviously her head has been replaced by Hemsworth’s and in his own voice he says “I’ll be honest, I think Chris Hemsworth’s a f***ing d***.” After doing a squat, he continues to roast himself. “To be honest he knows nothing about training, health, wellness, meditation, but his team, on the other hand, they’re f***ing brilliant.”

Then the video proceeds to another person with Chris’s head edited in who looks like a dad with a beer belly. He gives his review of the app by saying that he is using it to become healthier, and not wanting to look like the Thor star because “That shit’s just f***king weird.”

If this was not all, he even goes on to challenge himself by claiming that “You put us in a cage together, I’ll tear his little face off.”

The ad continues on to praise his team of trainers and not the actor, so as to make it clear that one does not have to like Chris Hemsworth to use his app to get fitter. As their message states “You don’t have to be Chris to get results. You just need his team.”

Jokes aside, Chris Hemsworth did reveal in an interview last week that he has been quite nervous for his upcoming movie “Thor: Love and Thunder” and the efforts he is putting into his workouts and acting.

“There’s that same — if not more — pressure now to do that again,” Chris Hemsworth revealed. “So there’s a little bit of exciting nervous energy that is motivating all of us to reach a little further and make sure we’re covering all bases and approaching the scene from every angle.”

Check out the censored version of Chris Hemsworth’s funny ad below-

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