Chris Hemsworth Shares An Interesting Trick To Exhaust Kids

“Yeah Buddy!”

Chris Hemsworth has found a fun way to keep his children active and engaged. He also shared this idea on his Instagram profile on Tuesday. Chris Hemsworth shared a glimpse of his personal life in a video where he was seen riding on the countryside.

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He was seen saying, ‘Yes, it looks like a storm is coming, ah the clouds are coming … it’s going to rain here.’

The 37-year-old actor took to Instagram and posted a video that includes him riding a motorcycle along with his children. In the video, Chris Hemsworth’s little kid jumped from his back and started running behind a flock of sheep.

Chris Hemsworth cheered him by saying, “Yeah Buddy!” He also kept filming the moment as his kid chased the animals.” Finally found a way to exhaust my kids #classicsheepdog,” the actor wrote.

Chris Hemsworth shares three children — daughter India Rose and twins Sasha and Tristan — with his wife, Elsa Pataky.

Chris Hemsworth always appears as a loving father and leaves no chance to express his concern for his kids on social media.

The actor also shared a picture of the creative writing of 7-year-old Tristan. He wrote, “My little boys creative writing ‘My special friend is dad, together we go in the pool, together they make me feel happy.'”

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Earlier this month, Hemsworth also shared a picture that included him and Tristan boxing together.

“Introducing the next heavyweight champion of the universe,” he captioned the Instagram video.

Tristan was seen wearing a red cape and gold armor; His look appeared to be similar to his father’s character. Tristan was trying to punch his father, and Chris Hemsworth was seen protecting himself. Hemsworth also keeps updating his fans with his workout routine. “Try out this bicep burner from the boys @centrfit,” he wrote in a video.

Last week, the actor also talked about his new movie, “Furiosa.”

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“Huge thanks to George Miller and Doug Mitchell for the opportunity and state and federal government for all their support and making it possible to shoot here in NSW Australia,” he captioned a photo.
“Can’t wait to kick it off,” he added. “Gonna pour my heart, soul, blood sweat and tears into this one!! #madmax #furiosa.”

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