Comedian Pete Davidson talks about leaving SNL And Life Post Breakup With Ariana Grande

Davidson knew it was over as soon as he heard about Mac Miller’s death


Pete Davidson, at only 26 years old, is one funny dude! And he proves it yet again in a new Netflix stand up special named ‘Alive from New York’. 

In this special, the actor talks candidly about his much-publicised personal life. Wrapped up in a bouquet of well-crafted jokes, he takes a good few jabs at his ex-fiancé, the immensely popular singer, Ariana Grande. And although he does not cross any line or come across as spiteful, he does get a huge laugh. 

The two started dating in May of 2018!

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson started dating back in May 2018. And in June 2018, the two got engaged to be married. (Well, that escalated quickly). But it didn’t last very long as it all came tumbling down after Grande’s ex-boyfriend Mac Miller tragically passed away four months later.

Davidson knew it was over as soon as he heard about Mac Miller’s death 

Mac Miller died only four months after and soon enough, Pete and Ariana’s relationship was over too. In an interview with Charlamagne Tha God, Pete said that it was an extremely difficult time for them and he read the writings on the wall. As soon as he got the news, he told Ariana that he’s gonna be there for her in and even claims to have said, “and I won’t be here as soon as you don’t need me”. 

But he has come a long way from there

Pete’s life seems on the up and up. Talking about his decision to leave Saturday Night Live, he said that he has given the show as much as he could have. He even wanted, “the last year to be my last year there”. But since that didn’t happen, he’s all set to leave now. 

The jabs in the stand-up special are worth mentioning! 

When questioned about his jokes on Ariana in the special, the comedian said, “You’re like, ‘Pete, this isn’t fair. You’re airing out dirty laundry. How could you do that? Where did she say this stuff? To her friends in the confidence of her own home?’ No, she said it on the cover of Vogue magazine.”

“Can you imagine if I did that?” he continued. “My career would be over tomorrow if I spray-painted myself brown and hopped on the cover of Vogue magazine and just started sh*tting on my ex.” He further says that his career would be over in a day, if he ever tried to pull something like that off. 

But then again folks, it is what it is! Pete also cannot deny the fact that being with Ariana made him a household name and certainly that helped his career. Who knows if there would even be a Pete Davidson Netflix special if it wasn’t for Ariana!  

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